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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The HCG diet allows you to transition from your old habits to a new lifestyle. This includes healthy eating habits. This only means that you have to embrace new food choices. You have to load more on whole foods during your HCG diet to cleanse your body from food chemicals. You have to load more on fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meat.

Fruits and vegetables are healthy food choices. They are loaded with various vitamins and minerals. These help keep your body healthy. Your meal choices are also a good source of protein which plays a big role in your HCG diet.

The role of protein on your HCG diet

  • It lowers your appetite– Protein is filling and it can help you feel full during your VLCD. This controls your appetite which causes you to eat less. The HCG curbs your hunger and protein, on the other hand, will lower your possibility of getting hungry. Your protein choice on the HCG diet is a replacement of carbs and fats for your weight loss.
  • Increases your muscle strength and mass- Protein can help in promoting the strength and growth of your muscle during your HCG diet. Get enough protein especially if you are on the VLCD of the HCG diet. HCG diet does not touch even a single mass of your muscle. It only targets the stubborn fats in the hard to reach areas of your body. Protein is also good for your bone protein has a major benefit on your bone health. It keeps your bone health as you age.
  • Protein controls cravings– This will help you in avoiding to do the “late-night snacking”. Protein controls your cravings and keeps you out from eating too much. Increase your intake of protein after your VLCD. This is to help you in preventing starvation and cravings.
  • It can boost your metabolism– It helps the HCG in burning your fats. Boosting the metabolic rate is helpful in your weight loss and in supplying energy to your body. The intake of protein will help you burn and control the intake of calories for the whole day. It can lower your blood pressure and prevents you from having chronic diseases. 

The intake of protein brings various help during your HCG diet. However, you have maintained your HCG injection. This is because you cannot lose greater weight without the HCG. The protein and other food choices during your diet will just help you in shifting to a healthy lifestyle.