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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


If you embark on the HCG diet you can’t allow stress to stay in your body. It is because of the effect of stress on your body. A high-stress level is a bad day when you are trying to lose weight, especially on the HCG diet. It affects your way of eating and to your appetite. Stress boosts your hunger. The major effect of stress in your body during the diet is cravings. It increases your appetite towards unhealthy food choices which may affect the HCG in burning your body fats.

Stress has lingering effects on your body such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. The high-stress level is a reaction of your body to emotional, mental and even physical situation. This is experience because of the environmental factor, demands from work and even personal responsibilities. Keep your stress level low as you start your HCG diet to avoid future problems.

How does stress affect your HCG diet?

If your stress level rises beyond normal your natural hormones will start to affect your weight loss process. High stress levels can cause natural weight gain. It also stimulates your appetite that makes you crave unhealthy foods. These unhealthy food choices are those that have high-calorie levels. It can also lead to other weight loss problems. The increased level of stress hormones can cause the insulin levels in your blood to increase. Thus, leads o unhealthy food cravings especially on sugar.

Stress and the very low-calorie diet

The VLCD on the HCG diet is a 500 to 800 calorie intake per day. It is done along with the constant shot of HCG. Stress can affect your body by stimulating your appetite and allows you to eat as many unhealthy foods you can. Unhealthy food choices will be your comfort foods. That is why you must be free from stress when you start your HCG diet. The unhealthy foods are comfort foods have high levels of calories and other weight loss enemy. Make sure that you have knowledge about dealing with stress during the VLCD because you are not allowed to find comforts in foods.

How will you keep off high-stress levels during the HCG diet?

Relax your body and brain. Stress starts in the mind and controls your whole being. Before it worsens or allows rapid storing of stubborn fats you have to do something right away. To deal with stress you have to step out from the stress-stimulating environment. Find a place that is quiet and free from pressures of work, personal responsibilities and deadlines. Relaxation and complete sleep are very important during the HCG diet as it plays an important role in burning your body fats.

Avoid unhealthy food choices. The chemicals or ingredients on unhealthy food choices can naturally cause stress to occur from time to time. To be able to avoid it, you have to replace your food choices with the foods that are allowed during the HCG diet. You can eat fruits and vegetables. Avoid alcoholic beverages and other processed drinks and solid foods.

Live healthily. You are not just required to eat healthy food choices but also to change your daily habits. Make sure that you are not doing heavy physical activities. You also have to avoid skipping your meals because it can affect your metabolism and fat burning during the HCG diet. Stay on your diet track for greater weight loss.

Get support. It is always good to have someone to talk to. This will help in letting go of the stress and heaviness in your mind. You can have someone to go along with you during weight loss. You can also find support on the internet such as reading success stories of HCG dieter, listening to music, etc.

What will you do if you gain weight because of stress?

Weight gain that is caused by stress can be prevented by complying with the diet protocol. If your weight is 2lbs higher than your last weigh-in you can do some safety weight gain corrector that is allowed during the HCG diet. You can do the apple a day or the steak day. These are weight gain corrector that will help you get back on the track of the HCG diet. It helps in balancing the calories in your body.

Start your apple day during lunch on the first day and end it at night on the next day. You can have 5 to 6 apples for the whole day. You can also try the steak day, this is usually done when you experience weight loss stall. Eat nothing all day but you have to drink water or sugarless coffee and tea for the entire day. You are not allowed to eat solid foods because at dinner you have to eat a large streak. Stop your steak day when your weight gets back to the last weight in.

How to control cravings on the HCG diet that is caused by stress?

  • Stay hydrated- water plays a great role during the HCG diet. It releases toxins from your body through the burned fats. You have to stay hydrated so that the food chemicals and toxins that cause stress will stave off.
  • Ditch the foods that are high in sugar- the comfort foods when you get stressed are those that has high sugar levels. Sugar is not allowed during the HCG diet especially on VLCD because it can sabotage the work of the diet hormone in your body. Avoid sugary foods as soon as you start the HCG diet. If you cannot control your cravings on sweet foods you can replace it with fruits. Fruits can curb hunger and cravings. It can also help in renewing your body and mind. Stevia is also a guilt-free replacement for sugar.
  • Try to do light exercises- this is less required during the very low-calorie diet. However, you can try light exercises such as yoga and meditation to alleviate high stress levels. Light physical activities also maintain bone and muscle health.