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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Most of the diet combines calorie restriction and exercise. This is the wrong culture because exercise has something to do with metabolism. Researcher shows that calorie restrictions bring a big benefit to a dieter’s body. VLCD must be considered by most people especially the obese and overweight. The safest way to implementing the VLCD is through the HCG diet. This is because of the diet hormone that works safely in burning your body fats.

What is VLCD?

VLCD or the very low-calorie diet is part of the HCG diet. This is during phase 2 where you cut down your intake of calories. VLCD is the time where you will be starting to eat foods that are low in calories and let go of your unhealthy food indulgence. In this way, you will be able to shift to a new lifestyle.

What are the benefits of VLCD?

  • Longer lives- If you restrict the calories, you are restricting diseases too. Calories restriction includes healthy eating habits. You will load more on healthy choices of foods.
  • Lower rates of cancer and severe diseases- Cancer and severe diseases are caused by the food and the lifestyle that you used to live. Here on HCG diet, you will turn upside down
  • Healthier choices– Life revolves around choices. Every choice has a possible consequence. If you have the right choice you’ll get the right reward.
  • VLCD promotes the distribution of nutrients in your body– The proper distribution of nutrients in your body is done along with healthy eating. The healthy food choices are loaded with nutrients that will meet the nutritional requirements of your body. The foods you eat will also aid in proper digestion. This is done along with the diet hormones. Through this, you will successfully reach your weight loss goal.
  • VLCD is responsible for detoxifying the body- The VLCD allows body cleansing from all the toxins that the unhealthy foods brought in your body. Take off the unhealthy and chemically processed foods that lower your stress levels. The detoxification will clean not just your fats stores but also your blood from high cholesterol levels.
  • It controls the synthesis of glucose – The remaining glucose in your fat stores will be used by HCG as an energy source. Its control and prevent your body from storing glucose and producing fats The VLCD allows you to eat the foods that are needed for weight loss. Cut down your intake of fatty foods to prevent high blood pressure and other diseases.
  • Controls the intake of calories-VLCD allows your body to take a break from receiving the constant food ingredients that are unhealthy. It also controls your intake of calories which allows you to lose weight faster. Sugar and carbs have a high level of calories which can cause weight gain. Give your body a break by eating the foods that are allowed only during the VLCD.
  • It allows food that is rich in nutrients- It is not about how many calories you eat but on the quality of the calories. It allows the nutrients that are needed to achieve a healthy body. VLCD does not compromise your health and your whole being.

Emotional hunger on the VLCD of the HCG diet

Emotional hunger has a severe effect on your weight loss. This is a product of your emotions that causes you to eat unhealthy foods. Emotional hunger is very dangerous especially if you are doing the very low-calorie diet. It is a type of hunger that you feel hunger pain but not in your stomach. The feeling of hunger pain during emotional hunger is usually in your head or chest.

How will you stop hunger on the VLCD of the HCG diet?

  • Drink water

Thirst is sometimes mistaken as hunger. If you feel hungry you have to drink water and wait for 20 minutes. Water washes out toxins that cause you to gain eight. It also curbs hunger and emotional cravings.

  • Load on healthy food choices

Healthy food choices are fresh products such as fruits and vegetables. The healthy food choices will supply all the nutrient needs of your body even after the HCG diet. Choose freshly picked or organic products for your diet. The fresh and organic products are more nutritious than the usual food you eat.

  • Stop the intake of unhealthy foods

Unhealthy foods can trigger diseases that will affect your health. Start loading healthy food choices as soon as you step into the first phase of the HCG diet. Introduce healthy foods such as whole fruits, fiber-rich vegetables and lean meats. 

  • Split the 500 calorie meal

You can split your VLCD meal into 5. You can have 100 calories in each meal setting per day. This will help you avoid cravings or hunger during your VLCD. Create your own HCG recipe to avoid getting bored with the usual meal that you are serving. Stay away from sugar, carbs and other fatty foods.

The snack foods you can have during the VLCD of the HCG diet

  • Apples- It has too much fiber and it is very low in calorie. Apples are also good for your brain health. It also has antioxidants that are shown to lower inflammation. It can also reduce oxidation damage in your body.
  • Cabbage- It can also normalize your blood pressure and sugar levels. It has compounds that increase the production of insulin. It is also packed with vitamins and other nutrients that are beneficial for your weight loss. Cabbage can lower your cholesterol levels and it can improve digestion.
  • Cauliflower- It helps in supporting your digestion during the very low-calorie diet. You can also have radish, turnips or Chinese cabbage as a substitute.
  • Almonds- This is packed with protein and fats. Almonds have a large amount of fiber in each serving. It can also lower your risk of developing diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Olives- It helps your digestion and your brain that sends a signal when you are full. Olives help in maintaining your cardiovascular health. This can also lower your intake of calories.