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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Losing weight is one of the effective therapies to treat diseases that are caused by weight gain. It also treats overweight or obesity. However, doing VLCD alone is dangerous to your health. It affects the balance in your body as well as your daily activities. Doing the VLCD alone may help you lose some weights but will gain it right away. If you are eyeing to a healthy implementation of VLCD, you can try the HCG diet.

Doing VLCD on the HCG diet seems intimidating however your body can fully adjust to it. The VLCD is done safely without compromising your health. The VLCD allows your body to transition from all your unhealthy eating routines. Through this, the HCG can work well in burning your body fats. VLCD does not only mean that you are cutting your intake on foods that have high calories. VLCD also means that you have to adopt new food choices that have low calories and no industrial ingredients that are added.

How does the HCG work during this period?

As you lower your intake of calories the HCG will curb your hunger.  It resets your metabolism and promotes rapid fat burning. It allows your brain to send a signal in your body to burn more fats. You will not feel any hunger during this period. It is because the HCG will adjust your body to any physical or psychological hunger. You may feel hunger but it will just last for a few days. The hunger that you feel during this phase is because your body is still adjusting to fewer calorie intakes.

Things you need to do before starting the VLCD of the HCG diet

  • Load properly during the loading days

The “loading days” is the phase before the VLCD. It is also known as the gorging days. It allows you to prepare your fats stores by filling them. This means that you will focus on loading foods that are rich in fats to be able to fill your fats stores. This has significance in curbing hunger during the VLCD. The loading days will last for 2 days it is also the time that you start having your HCG shot.

  • Make sure that you maintain your HCG shot

The HCG shot is responsible for rapid weight loss. Make sure that you are maintaining it to start the VLCD safely. The HCG shot is responsible for curbing hunger and other weight loss barrier during the HCG diet. Have it at the same time each day for greater weight loss.

  • Plan your VLCD meal properly

Have a concrete meal plan as early as starting the VLCD to be able to avoid last our cramming. Plan your VLCD meal according to the 500 calorie requirements and the food choices that are allowed during the HCG diet. You also have to do your grocery shopping ahead of time to have a constant food supply for your VLCD.

  • Visit your doctor

This is done before starting your loading phase. You can also do this while you are on your loading days. Visit your doctor to be able to talk to things about the pros and cons of doing the VLCD. It will also assess your body if you have underlying diseases. It is better to start the VLCD of the HCG diet when you accomplish your doctor’s visit.

The benefits of VLCD in maintaining your health and weight

  • It detoxifies your body– VLCD will give your body a break from unhealthy food choices. This means that it will have more time in detoxification. This is a process of flushing out toxins and free radicals from your body that are caused by unhealthy food. You have to take off the unhealthy and chemically processed foods to avoid weight loss issues.
  • It controls the production of glucose- Unhealthy foods such as sugar and carbs can spike your blood sugar levels. Sugar and carbs are not allowed during the VLCD. This means that the foods you will be eating are healthy and beneficial. The VLCD allows your body from storing or converting foods into sugar and fats. It also takes off the foods that cause high blood pressure.
  • It prevents you from loading unhealthy calories– The very low-calorie diet is not a self-deprivation. It is a help to your body to be able to stop storing unhealthy fats which may trigger diseases. VLCD means low-calorie intake. It gives your body a break from receiving too much unhealthy food calories which is the cause why you gain weight. Take off junk foods, processed drinks, sugar, carbs, and fatty foods on your meal during the VLCD. Focus on loading healthy foods that are allowed during the VLCD.
  • VLCD provides high nutrition – The VLCD is not about how many calories you eat. This is about the quality of the calories that you have in each food portion. The VLCD during the HCG diet is the calories that are significant for weight loss and maintaining your health. It allows the nutrients that are needed to achieve a healthy body. VLCD does not compromise your health and your whole being.

Important tips to successfully lose weight during the VLCD

  • Take note that you are not allowed to have solid foods during breakfast. It must be a cup of coffee or tea and it must be free from sugar.
  • Your lunch and dinner are the major meals during the VLCD. Have the exact portion of protein, vegetable, and fruit choice in each serving.
  • Do not mix different kinds of vegetables in one serving because it has different calorie levels. You must have 1 kind of vegetable and fruit in one meal.
  • Snacking is allowed as long as you are doing it to curb physical hunger. You can have fruits, soup, a vegetable serving, or a grissini or melba toast for in between meals.
  • You have to maintain your HCG shot to reach your weight loss goal. However, if you have your period you have to stop your shots and wait until your menstruation is gone. But you have to continue your diet even without the HCG.