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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


There are many reasons why you find hard in losing weight during the HCG diet. It may be because of our lifestyle or because of the food you eat. You have to understand that weight loss is not an easy battle. You may undergo trials and decision making. However, behind that, there is a success that waits for you. It is also important that you have to stay motivated in the entire weight loss process. You need to deal with emotional struggles, food cravings, and cheating. These are some of the causes why you find hard in reaching your weight loss goal.

In reaching success or in overcoming your weight loss failure you have to identify the cause of it. Identifying the cause of weight loss blockage helps you to surmount it easily without any complications. One of the weight loss blockages that may affect your HCG diet is your psychological stability. Your psychological aspect is where your emotions came from. It is mostly controlled by your brain that is why if you are emotionally stressed you tend to find comfort through eating. This act is not allowed during the HCG diet.

How does your emotion affect weight loss during the HCG diet?

You cannot alleviate your emotional stress through emotional eating. It is because it may affect you especially when you are trying to lose weight. Emotions will affect even the most basic things during weight loss. It triggers the stress hormones in your body that will cause cravings. Emotional stress is hard to control especially if you are used to finding comfort in eating. Handle stress, frustration or boredom properly. Seek a comfortable habit that would help you lose weight. Before starting the HCG diet you have to get familiar with the healthy ways on how you will control high-stress levels.

The psychological blockage that can affect your HCG diet

  • The all-or-Nothing Thinking

This is a persistent exaggerated thought that is not really in line on your diet protocol. It keeps you in between the thought of giving p or staying on the track. The all-or-nothing thinking is simply a product of your emotions that may upsurge your stress levels. This will lead to a perceived lack of control overeating.

  • The negative body image

This situation is commonly linked to a lack of confidence. This is maybe because obesity and weight gain reshaped your body and degrades your confidence. You have to take on the positive side and finish the weight loss process than giving in to distractions. The negative body image is also linked to overeating or commonly known as stress eating. One thing you can do for this is to raise your confidence and trust the HCG diet protocol.

  • The high-stress levels

High-stress levels keep you crave on the comfort foods. It will not be gone until you gave in to it and sabotage your weight loss. Stress can add up your body weight naturally. This is because of the foods that you have been eating when you are stressed. Make sure that you know the healthy ways of dealing with high stress levels. You can try meditation or simply go out from a stressful environment. Renew your mind by taking a deep sleep.

Breaking these weight loss blockages during the HCG diet

  • Change your lifestyle- Set your weight loss goal and follows good eating habits. You can also create a weekly short-term weight loss goal that you can reach slowly. Improve the things that you lack and stop those things that you have done too much. You have to change your lifestyle to be able to adapt new habits that are allowed during the HCG diet.
  • Do not forget to ease your mind- Try to do some relaxation technique. It is a healthy alternative in managing your emotions in times of stress. There are specific times of relaxation that will also help you lose weight. Take note that you can only focus on your weight loss and other things if your mind is at ease. It will alleviate the emotions that are caused by stressful times.
  • Avoid all the unhealthy food choices-Being a food lover is not as bad as long as you eat healthy foods. Unhealthy food choices such as the foods that are already processed are not allowed. You are not allowed to eat unhealthy food choices during the HCG diet. Start to adopt new food choices that can help you lose weight and maintain the stability of your health. The HCG diet will help you improve perspective towards food. Eat foods not to relieve emotional hunger to maintain a healthy body.

How will you promote greater weight loss during the HCG diet?

#1- Maintain the HCG shot

The HCG targets the unreached fats in various parts of your body. It is also responsible for resetting your metabolic rate. Administer your HCG shot at the same time each day for faster weight loss. Avoid missing a dose of your HCG shot to reach your weight loss goal. It is also helpful in setting your focus and curbs cravings that are caused by high stress levels.

#2- Be mindful in eating

Mindful eating allows you to track the foods you eat. It will also help you determine when you are full. This also allows you to process the right foods that will help you lose weight. Be mindful in eating and consider checking your food labels to completely prevent unhealthy food ingredients.

#3- Track your weight loss

This is done through weight every morning as soon as you get up from your bed. You have to check your weight loss to be able to track your progress. Weighing every day can also help you see if there is any weight loss stall or weight gain. Keep a daily record of your weight on your diet journal. You also have to consider weighing your food choices, especially during the VLCD. This will help you get the proper food portion that is allowed during the HCG diet.