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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Many of you will be aware of the benefits to your health when you exercise. Exercising is not just for physical health but also mental and emotional being. Upon starting the HCG diet, you have to decide which type of exercise will suit you during the VLCD. If you are new to exercising, try a gentle start-up like stretching. Stretching can help a lot to continue your weight loss evolution. It is a light exercise that will not cost you money for a gym membership.

A simple routine of stretching reduces weight and belly fat. Although stretching is overlooked it is one of the keys to your fitness routine. During your weight loss journey on the HCG diet, you will begin to feel lighter and gain more energy. It makes you more active even when you are cutting your calorie intake. Stretching is one of the light activities that you can incorporate during the HCG diet.

How important is stretching during the HCG diet?

Stretching is important to assist the HCG in increasing blood flow in specific areas of your body. It gives the HCG a way to reach the stubborn fats in the hard-to-reach parts of your body. If you can commit to incorporate stretching as part of your routine, the HCG can work easily on your fats. Stretching is also important because;

  • It improves your flexibility- If you will not stretch, reaching out seems harder. It’s because your motion is only limited to a short-range. When you stretch, you are training your body to be flexible to avoid the tightness of the muscle. Stretching can improve your movements during the HCG diet.
  • It improves your posture- It is connected with improving your flexibility. When your stretch the tight muscles in your body, it will balance your joints. Through this, you can achieve proper posture which you can have even after the HCG diet. It can also train your joints to avoid soreness.
  • Stretching improves blood flow- Proper blood circulation is vital for supplying a dose of nutrients and oxygen for your brain and body. Stretching helps your body system to maintain its function. It also lowers heart disease and stroke.

Stretching is a good start to your body before you incorporate light exercise. It decreases soreness and your risk of having muscle injury. When you have muscle soreness caused by a workout, stretching can be a good help to improve the blood supply. Your blood can circulate well and give enough nutrients to your bones, muscle, and cartilage.

How often can you do stretching during the HCG diet?

Stretching is not a heavy activity and will not consume your energy. It means that you can do it when you are not tired or hungry. Stretch your body in the morning before you go for a walk or jogging. Allow the proper flow of oxygen and nutrients to avoid dullness. You can also stretch after your light exercise to prevent muscle soreness. Take note to have your HCG shots before going on a walk or jog. The HCG will help in providing energy for your body.