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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Phase 2 of the HCG diet helps your body release a large number of fats. It produces weight loss in a short time through the help of the hormone. One of the functions of the HCG diet is suppressing your appetite during the VLCD. It also helps in curbing hunger and cravings. Thus, maintains a high metabolic rate throughout the entire period of Phase 2.

What is a sugar craving?

Sugar craving is an intense desire to eat specific sugary foods. It is a product of your thoughts and intense emotions. Sugar cravings can still occur during the VLCD especially in the first few days. Make sure you will not give in to it to avoid weight loss struggles. Take note that during the second phase you can only eat 500 calories per day. Your food choices only revolve around the items that are on your food list.

How to deal with sugar cravings on Phase 2 of the HCG diet?

Tip #1– Eat your meals at the right time. This will prevent you from prolonging your hunger. A prolonged hunger is one of the causes why cravings can occur. When you eat your meals on time there is still a big chance that you will stay full and maintain satiety longer.

Tip #2– Take your HCG shots every day. The HCG acts as an appetite suppressant. Follow the diet protocol by maintaining your HCG shots at the same time each day. Avoid doing any interruption or missing a dose. Interruptions on having your HCG shots will make you more likely to fail on your diet. It’s because you will feel hungry all the time and ends up eating too much.

Tip #3- Avoid foods that have sugar and carbs. To end sugar cravings you must avoid its common trigger. The trigger of sugar cravings is the sugary foods that you are eating. If you are a sugary-food eater before the HCG diet, you are at risk of getting cravings. Resist the desire of eating sugar to make the HCG diet easy and smooth.

Tip #4- Use stevia as a sweetener instead of indulging in sugary foods. You can improve the taste of your meal or drinks by using stevia. It is a natural product that produces sweetness that is comparable to real sugar. Stevia does not interfere with the HCG and it does not contain calories. Using stevia on the HCG diet and can eliminate the feeling of total deprivation from sweet foods.

Tip #5- Stay active and do not entertain your cravings. You can shift your attention to other things. Instead of soaking your thoughts with sugary foods you can go out and wiggle up. Try yoga, stretching, squatting, or swimming. These are easy activities that can reset your appetite.

Tip #6– Clear your food storage with sugary snacks and beverages. You can do this step before starting Phase 2. Clear your food storage from foods that contain sugar such as cookies, milk, and dairy products. Avoiding sugars at home makes it easier to deal with cravings.