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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?

How to Keep Track of Your Weight Loss on the HCG Diet?

Are you planning to stave off several pounds? You can try the HCG diet program. It helps obese patients to lose weight without going through surgeries or incorporating strenuous exercise. The HCG diet program produces promising results every day as you stick to the protocol. It can also help you establish a healthy relationship with food and develop your eating discipline.

The HCG diet is the most effective way to drop pounds. But, keeping the weight off requires a deeper understanding of the HCG diet protocol. You also have to consider your mental and physical state before starting the HCG diet. Ensure that you have no emergency health concerns and medications before using the HCG.

The HCG diet allows you to lose up to 30 pounds in one month. Some dieters also report losing more than 30 pounds in one month. How is this possible? The HCG resets the metabolic rate and suppresses your appetite. Combining the HCG shots with VLCD can boost the fat-burning rate in your body.

Track your progress on the HCG diet by weighing yourself every day. It will help you determine gains and losses. Tracking your weight loss helps see the area that needs improvement and avoid the things that can interfere with your progress.

Tips to Keep Track of Your Progress on the HCG Diet:

  • Stick to the diet protocol. Avoid ditching the HCG diet for another regimen. Once you start the program, you have to finish it until you reach your weight loss goal. The HCG diet seems intimidating due to the VLCD but, it is far from that perspective. The HCG diet protocol is not only for weight loss but for your overall health. When you stick to the protocol, you are more likely to lose weight faster and avoid pitfalls.
  • Set a realistic weight loss goal. It does not matter if you have small weight loss goals as long as you can achieve them. Recognize your weight loss goal to maintain a healthy weight loss. You can reach your goals one step at a time until you are ready to work on the Bigger weight loss goal. Note that the HCG is effective the second time around. You can get back to the process if you want to lose a maximum weight loss. Reachable goals will help you track your weight loss on the HCG diet.
  • Take before and after pictures. It is an overlooked step but, it helps you boost your motivation. You can see changes in your body by looking at your picture. You can take pictures once a week and see your weight loss progress. Ensure to mark the date of each image to see the progress easily.
  • Take physical measurements. The weighing scale can help you track your progress but, you can also use other things. Regular body measurements can help you track your weight loss. Note that weight loss fluctuations often come in the last two weeks of the VLCD. Measuring your body can help you determine your progress and improve your weight loss.