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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Control cravings and continue in losing weight. Cheating is the total opposite of dieting. If cheating knocks in your door, make yourself busy. Make an escape plan to stay away from it. Think of the risk that cheating may bring into your diet. There is a lot of escape plan to do when cheating hits you. Don’t let cheating hit you big time.

  • Know the hcg diet protocol– Knowing the flow of the diet. You will able to know the does and don’ts of the protocol. Be aware of the effects of cheating in the diet duration. If you cheated, know the ways to make it up.
  • Watch movies or stroll- If you feel like cheating, get up. Grab anything and go out. Watch movies or stroll around the plaza. There are a lot of things to do instead of cheating. Mingle with other people. You can watch movies that will catch your attention. Spend time getting a message from a movie. Get a quote instead of getting food. You can also stroll and get something for yourself. Buy a token or something for a reward. It is time to reward yourself for your loyalty in the hcg diet. You may buy shoes and jewels. If you don’t want to spend money, go shopping online. Enjoy time browsing some online clothes and sandals.
  • See yourself being skinny on the next day- having a vision of who you want to be. Visualize your body goal. You can also write your plan in a journal or make a diary. Write down how it feels to slowly reach the goal. You can look back on it the day you reach your goal. See you wearing skinny jeans or wearing swimsuits. Put in your mind that everything you wished for will come true. This is all possible if you will not cheat.
  • Organize things- You can also counter-attack cheating by making yourself busy. If you are carving, find things that will turn it down. Go to your living room and try to have a new setting. Create a new design or arrange things up. Organize your closet, desk, bed, or cabinet. Do this for hours without realizing how much time had passed. Do this every day and make your house cleaner and well organized.
  • Work or read a book- Grab your favorite book and read it. If you have a favorite author, go and find his book. Read stories or news. You may also read inspirational stories. There are also hcg diet testimonials on the internet. You can also catch up the emails or write a letter to a friend. Do the work that you have been put off. If you have a take-home job, you may do it. Look for anything to work on. Do the laundry or cleaning the bathroom.