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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Wheat products became a worldwide staple food. It is the main component of pasta, crackers, baked goods, and several other foods. It is made from grain which can also be converted into flour. It has several compounds that can affect your metabolism. Wheat is not allowed during the HCG diet because it affects the HCG in dealing with your body fats.

Giving up wheat during the HCG diet

Giving up wheat during the HCG diet is one of the quickest steps to lose weight faster. It can lower stubborn fats in various parts of your body. Giving up wheat can also give your body a break on depositing unhealthy fats in your fat stores. It will also prevent you from the risk of getting obese or overweight.

How wheat affects your HCG diet?

  1. It causes your blood sugar levels to spike- Wheat can increase your blood sugar levels. It also increases your cravings of unhealthy foods. Thus, causes frequent occurrences of hunger. Eating too much wheat has been proven to be one of the contributors to diabetes and obesity. Avoid eating muffins, bagels, waffles, and even wheat bread.
  2. Wheat has gluten- Gluten gives wheat products their chewy texture and helps dough rise. It is harmful and destroys the lining in your small intestine. It can interfere with the absorption of nutrients from food. This is not allowed during the HCG diet because it can stop you from losing weight.
  3. Eating wheat products is addictive- Wheat compounds can stimulate your appetite and can trigger your cravings. It causes you to binge eat which is harmful during the very low-calorie phase.
  4. Wheat is in many foods- You have to be extra careful when buying food products. Make sure that you are reading food labels including the ingredients present on it. Do not buy foods that have wheat because it affects your weight loss. Too much wheat consumption is linked to depression, anxiety, and mood disorders.

What will happen when you stop consuming wheat products?

Going on a wheat-free diet helps improve digestive function as well as your digestion. This is efficient when you are doing the HCG diet. It also improves your energy during the VLCD. A wheat-free diet aids in better bowel movements. It also improves your mood and focuses on VLCD.

Foods you can eat instead of wheat products during the HCG diet

  • Fruits and vegetables- There are low-calorie fruits and vegetables that you can enjoy during the HCG diet. These are filling and loaded with nutrients and minerals that are needed for your diet. Make sure to have 2 servings of vegetables and fruits on your 500 calorie meal.
  • Lean and unprocessed meats- Lean meats such as beef, chicken breast, shrimp, and lobster are rich in protein. These are filling foods that help you curb hunger during the HCG diet. Lean meats are also a good source of protein that helps maintain bone and muscle health.
  • Whitefish- It is high in omega-3 fatty acids which helps maintain cardiovascular health. Whitefish also improves your immune system. It maintains fullness and helps curb cravings during the VLCD.