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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


To get certain of your weight loss, you have to inject the HCG properly. This will help you get the right dose of HCG for weight loss. It will also help you avoid the aversion of injection. The subcutaneous injection will give you the best result as possible. This is also a way of helping you to get comfortable with injections.

The importance of maintaining the HCG shot

The daily dose of HCG is done during the second phase of the HCG diet. This phase will also be your low-calorie intake. To be able to avoid associated hunger you have to get the right dose of HCG daily. Maintaining the HCG is important because it is responsible for the rapid fat burning. It also suppresses your appetite which makes you feel less hungry and stop overeating. Take note that you are not allowed to abruptly stop or skip your HCG dose.

What is a subcutaneous injection?

This is a way of injecting the HCG through your fat tissue. The HCG is injected beneath the surface of your skin which is known as the subcutaneous layer. This layer of your skin is easily pinched for the easy access of having your HCG dose every day. There is no pain or associated discomfort when you do this method.

How to prepare and administer your HCG shot?

  • Make sure that you purchase the right HCG for weight loss
  • Clean your hands and the area of your body where you will insert your injection
  • Use clean water or alcohol wipes for disinfecting
  • See to it that the HCG has no discoloration and it must be mixed properly
  • Locate the area of your body and insert the needle subcutaneously
  • Once it is in your body you have to release the HCG slowly
  • Pull it out slowly having the same angle as to how you insert the injection
  • Clean your hands after and throw the empty HCG containers in the right place

The common area where you can inject the HCG subcutaneously

  • Abdomen– Choose the area below your waist. Locate the area above your hipbone. Start your injection at the highest point first and work down and around. Do this slowly or one inch apart at a time. The abdomen is the popular site for your HCG shot.
  • The upper arm- Your upper arm has two areas that can be a suitable way to administer the injection. You can have it in the back of your arm or the area between elbow and shoulder bone. Pinch about one to two inches of skin and fatty tissue.
  • Thigh– Sitting down is the best way to locate the subcutaneous part. Find the middle is where your hipbone and top of your leg meets. You have to pinch at least two inches of fat tissue before injecting the HCG.
  • Lower back– This way of injection the HCG dose must not be done alone. This is because it is hard to reach your lower back. This is in between your waist and buttocks. Let someone administer the injection to avoid the wrong area.