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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


As soon as you start dieting, parties are popping up. There are events that are hard to reject. Office party and birthday celebration may come to disturb you. There will be a time that you will be tempted to cheat. You can also think of planning a break in the midst of the HCG diet. Break and cheating are different. A planned break is a safe idea to do and avoid weight gain. The planned break is also known as the interruptions. It is a process on how to effectively take a break from dieting without gaining weight.

Here are some of the hcg diet guidelines for effective interruptions:

  • Do not take the HCG injections
  • Continue eating the same amount of the Phase 2 meal
  • Load more on proteins and stop the intake of carbs
  • The HCG diet break is already done for a maximum of 10 days
  • Get back to HCG diet track as soon as possible
  • As soon as you get back, take the hormones right away in the morning
  • Follow the HCG diet Phase 2 meal plan again
  • Get back and does the HCG diet as normal

You must have done the 23 days of the HCG diet before you can do a break. The 23 days must be a non-cheating day. The proper interruption will not affect weight loss. It does not affect the metabolism and the resetting of the brain. If the interruption is done safely, it will not cause cheating.

If you do not want to heat in the interruption, you have to stick on the foods. If you attend an event, you go on the healthy serving. You can eat the food that moves around the 500 calorie diet. You can also bring your own dish as easy to grab a meal.

Cheating on HCG diet

It can lead to weight gain. HCG diet cheating is eating too much than what is allowed in the HCG diet. It goes directly to the consequence of the eating style. Cheating comes as a product of stress or craving. The best way to do after a cheat is to stop to think of it at all. Load more on vegetable and fruits. To get back on track accompany the diet with lots of water. It will help in taking off the toxins and fats in the body. Come up with a realistic goal the time you get back on the diet track. You do not have to blame yourself after you cheat. You just have to learn from it.