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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


What is an interruption?

Interruption is when you stop the VLCD during your HCG diet. Interruption is also in the protocol of the HCG diet. This is only allowed on a very important or emergency reason. It must be done carefully to avoid any slip in your diet track. You have to do this by carefully increase your intake of calories to 800 per day. Your way of eating during interruptions is like Phase 3.

How to do successful interruptions on the HCG diet?

Interruptions are done after the 20 days of Phase 2. Avoid sugar and carbs during the interruption period. You have to be more careful in doing the interruption day so that you will not gain weight. Focus more on loading proteins and healthy fats.

How to get back on track after the interruptions on HCG diet?

  • Do not overindulge– Do not get used in doing interruptions because it will affect your weight loss. It can cause weight gain or delay if it is not done very well. You have to prepare your body for the VLCD gain. Do not eat too much so that you will not gain calories.
  • Check the food labels- Get back on track by taking care of your eating style. You have to check each food package to avoid any ingredients that can delay your weight loss. Always remember that the HCG diet does not allow any portion of processed food. You have to list down each food portion on your diet journal. Always track your weight every morning to make sure that you do not gain weight.
  • Stay hydrated– This is to avoid any retention and to take out toxins. Water will also help in pushing out fats and excess calories out of your body. Water will also suppress your appetite and makes you avoid eating too much during your interruption period.
  • Increase your light exercise- You have to add more time in doing your exercise. This is to help you in burning extra calories that may harm your VLCD. However, do not do a heavy workout because it will consume your energy. Low energy will cause you to starve and get stress. Light exercise helps in keeping your stress level low.

Interruptions on the HCG diet are only allowed for emergency purposes. This is not allowed if you only want to intentionally break your diet. Follow your diet protocol to avoid any slip. Get back on your diet track as soon as you finished your interruption period.