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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


You can introduce back more food choices as soon as you are free from the VLCD. Gradually introduce back more food choices to slowly increase your intake of calories. Introduce back new food choices but stay away from sugar and starches. This is also the time that your body will be getting a new set pint. You will have to create a new goal, not to lose more weight. Your new goal in this phase will make your body stabilize your weight loss. It will also prepare your body for the lifetime phase or Phase 4.

The meal plan goal that helps avoid overeating on the HCG diet

  • You have to eat more than 500 calories without gaining weight

This only means that you will introduce low-calorie foods back. Control your intake of foods after the VLCD. You are not allowed to eat less than 500 calories during this phase. However, you also have to maintain a proper portion of calories in your food. Do not go beyond what is allowed during the maintenance phase. Phase 3 usually allow 600 to 800 calorie intake per day.

  • Avoid all kinds of sugar and carbs

These are the sugar and carbs from food choices you get from processed products. Avoid sugar in any form or amount especially the sugar in flavored drinks. Too much sugar causes diabetes, weight gain, and risk in heart health. These are also the main contributor to obesity. 

  • Avoid various kinds of fats such as hydrogenated oils

Hydrogenated oils are the product of hydrogenation. It is a process when an unsaturated fat is turned into solid fat. Avoid this kind of fat because it will kill your weight loss process. Stay away from any kind of fats and oils such as fried foods, and oily creams. Stay away from hydrogenated oils that are used to preserve processed foods. It will not just lead you to gain weight but it also blocks your blood vessels.

  • Restrict your calorie intake, however, do not deprive yourself

Restricting the intake of calories does not mean you have to deprive yourself. This only means that you have to be watchful and focus on every intake of foods. This is because even healthy foods have calories. Reaching your weight loss goal will be impossible if you eat too many calories. Do not deprive yourself of eating foods. However, you have to be careful with food portioning. Make sure to meet all the nutritional requirements of your body.

  • Eat whole food choices such as protein and fiber

Protein and fiber play a very important role in the HCG diet. Fiber helps in lowering your body cholesterol level. Fiber is not transformed as body fat instead it will just flow out of your body. Fiber is also an expert in controlling your blood sugar during the HCG diet. Fibers are commonly found in green leafy vegetables. Protein, on the other hand, helps in maintaining fullness. It is an important component in every cell of your body. It helps in repairing and building body tissues. Protein maintains muscle and bone health during the rapid fat burning.

  • Remain on your diet track

As you slowly introduce more foods you have to be careful not to slip. Phase 3 is a challenging part of the HCG diet. This is the part where your body is already independent of the HCG. You will be eating more food choices without gaining a single pound. You can add eggs, crab meat, Avocado, coconut oil, and mushroom.

What are the ways that stops you from eating too much on the HCG diet?

  • Administer the exact dose of HCG- The exact amount of HCG works in curbing hunger. This is the most important part of your weight loss journey. It helps you deal with cravings that usually trigger emotional eating. The HCG works in resetting your brain for fats rate metabolism. It takes off fats from unreached areas of your body. The exact dose of HCG also uses the burned fats to supply energy in your body.
  • Ban all your unhealthy food indulgences- Restrict the foods that do not help in losing weight. Unhealthy food causes weight gain and weight-related diseases. This is because of the high level of calorie. Stay away from foods such as burger, fried potato, pizza, cookies, pasta, cookies, and cake. These are the common food from your indulgences that causes you to gain weight.  Choose whole food products during the HCG diet. It helps in promoting weight loss.
  • Lower your stress levels- stress can trigger emotional eating. This is a way of eating that causes you to eat too much. Emotional eating will not stop unless you eat unhealthy foods. Do not prolong stress to avoid the driving up of hormones that cause weight gain. Deal with stress by doing yoga, relaxation, and sleeping.
  • Be mindful in eating- Overeating can be stopped by eating mindfully. Be aware of your thoughts, emotions, and senses while you eat. Do not eat food while you are emotionally stressed. This is because it will lead you to find comfort through eating. Munch your food slowly and mindfully. Focus on eating so that you can easily detect when you are already full.
  • Do not skip your meal- Skipping meals does not help in weight loss. It will just cause nutritional deficiency VLCD does not mean depriving yourself of eating foods. But, it makes you control your intake of food. Skipping meals affects the work of HCG in your body. It will also delay your weight loss and may cause diseases.
  • Load more on protein and stay hydrated- You can get protein from lean meat sources. It keeps your stomach full and also helps in maintaining muscle health. It protects your bone and muscle from damage. Hydration is also important to maintain your weight loss. It takes off extra calories from the foods you eat. It flushes out body waste and toxins and helps you to lose weight even more. Drink adequate amount of water every day.