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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The HCG diet is known over the years as a safe weight loss aid. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a protein hormone that is found in pregnant women. It renews and stimulates other hormones to work for greater weight loss. HCG does not only improve weight loss but it can also improve fertility and testosterone count.

Is HCG an appetite suppressant during the VLCD?

The answer is YES. One of the functions of HCG is suppressing appetite during the VLCD. It also has several other functions aside from suppressing your appetite. The HCG can also produce rapid weight loss results. The diet goes along with calorie cut down to 500 per day. The HCG suppresses your appetite by controlling certain regions in your brain. It will stop you from cravings or feeling hungry even in the low-calorie intake.

When HCG and calorie cut down work together it produces significant weight loss. The HCG burns your body fats and converts them into an energy source. Through this, you will not need too many foods to supply energy to your body. It pulls calories from your fats stores so that you will feel full longer without eating too much. The HCG also increases your metabolic rate.

Why do you need to suppress appetite on VLCD of the HCG diet?

Suppressing your appetite is very important to get through the VLCD. Consuming only 500 calories per day can trigger extreme hunger and cravings. However, you cannot experience these through the help of HCG. Even the 500 calories feel too much because the HCG can suppress your appetite.

Will you be hungry when the HCG suppresses your appetite?

Hunger only occurs when you do not have the proper dose of HCG. It can occur frequently during the first few days of the VLCD. It is when the HCG is not yet in your system fully. When the HCG spreads in your system it will overpower your cravings. That is why there is no hunger even when you are consuming 500 calories per day. You will also be able to maintain your muscle mass through the help of the HCG.

Why do you lose weight when you use the HCG?

Weight loss happens because the HCG targets your body fats directly. You will be able to hold onto your muscle mass and maintain its leanness. It is because the HCG only targets the fats in your body and resets your metabolic rate. The more fats you lose, the more energy your body gets.

The type of foods you can eat during the VLCD of the HCG diet

During the second phase of the HCG diet, you can only eat the foods on your food list. These food types are organic, natural, and freshly picked. During the VLCD you can eat 2 servings of vegetables and fruits per day. Along with fruits and vegetables are the 200grams of lean protein per day. The types of foods you can eat during this phase are low in calories. These foods will help you reshape and maintain satiety in your body even when you are eating less.