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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The cause of high blood sugar is when the body fails to use insulin and bring glucose into your cells. It allows your body to rely on substitute energy sources in your muscles, tissues, and organs. High blood sugar develops one step at a time and triggers hunger, lack of energy, and weight gain.

When you have a high blood sugar level, commit to controlling it through the HCG diet. Learn as much information so you will be conscious of your routine. The HCG diet protocol can be a natural way of dealing with high blood sugar. You can do it through the changes of lifestyle and food choices during the HCG diet.

Five ways on managing your blood sugar during the HCG diet

  1. Lose weight. The HCG diet renews the cells in your body. Upon losing weight, your body also controls the absorption of sugar from your foods. The HCG diet does not allow sugar and carbs. It regulates everything that relates to excess body weight and diabetes. When you’re losing weight, you are also reducing your risk of diabetes.
  2. Eat healthy foods. Foods that are low in calories are great for your body. It helps you lose weight. Healthy foods also aid the HCG in dealing with your body fats. Foods such as vegetables have loads of fiber. It helps in maintaining your blood sugar levels and prevents sudden spikes.
  3. Consider some light exercise. Although the HCG diet is not requiring workouts, you can still incorporate them into your routine. Light exercise such as walking can help burn excess calories and sugar. It regulates the sugar content in your blood. Making exercise as part of your routine can help alleviate your health to another level.
  4. Choose what to drink. Alcohol and sodas are comfort drinks that spike up or drop-down your blood sugar. They are the reason for your cravings and intense hunger. Ensure that you drink lots of water and avoid unhealthy beverages during the HCG diet. You cannot predict the effects of unhealthy drinks. That’s why during the HCG diet, you should stick to healthy choices such as sugar-free coffee, tea, and water.

High blood sugar is dangerous to your HCG diet and your health. It is fatal in some cases. Avoid ignoring this condition because once it stays longer in your body, it will trigger other complications as well. Some natural treatments of high blood sugar during the HCG diet involves:

  • Discipline in eating and managing serving sizes
  • Sticking to healthy food options and following a meal interval
  • Avoid loading pasta, rice, and high-fat dairy products
  • Keeping carbohydrates, sweets, and animal fats away
  • Metformin. But, you should have it with a doctor’s prescription
  • Avoiding processed products or foods that contains saturated fats
  • Avoid baked goods such as bread and bagels

Choose as natural and organic foods as possible during the HCG diet. The diet program will help you change your eating pattern and lifestyle. Refer to the food list when you go to the grocery store for shopping.