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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The HCG diet supplies a full guide of information on what you can eat. There is also deeper information on every food choice that you will be eating. The more information you get the greater weight loss you can achieve. During phase 2 you are eating 500 calories per day. This means that you have two major meals per day. You can refer to the diet food list for more food choices. Make sure to have a portion of protein fruits, and vegetables. You can also add a Melba toast and Grissini.

Melba toast is a dry crisp that is sliced thinly. It is a low carb toast and has low calories. A Grissini is a long thin and crunchy breadstick. You can have two servings of these per day during the VLCD. Grissini and Melba toast are the only starches allowed during the HCG diet. Make sure to eat only the allowed amount to avoid weight gain.

Melba toast and Grissini on Phase 2 of the HCG diet

  • Melba toast– This is a common choice for many dieters. Melba toast is easy to find compared to Grissini. This is typically toasted and can be found in grocery stores. It is cheaper per serving but has more calories than Grissini. Trying this during the HCG diet is reasonable.
  • Grissini- Grissini can be eaten on the go especially when you are a busy person. You can add this to your lunch. Grissini is difficult to find compared to Melba toast. You are allowed to have at least 2 to 4 servings of Grissini per day.

Can you replace Melba toast and Grissini with other options?

Melba toast and Grissini are an important part of your HCG diet. These are carefully chosen for your weight loss. Melba toast and Grissini does not interfere with the work of HCG in your body. That only means that you have to stick to these options. Make sure to count your calorie intake per day. This includes Melba toast and Grissini.

Can you exclude Grissini and Melba toast during the VLCD?

You can cut foods that you are not hungry for. There are times that 500 calories are too much for your VLCD. This can happen when you are not hungry on your VLCD. You can cut down the foods that you are not hungry for including Melba toast and Grissini. Get back to 500 calorie intake if you feel hunger pain. Cutting down on foods that you are not hungry for is just optional.

Why are Melba toast and Grissini allowed during the VLCD?

Melba toast and Grissini are low fat and low-calorie food choices. These are the only allowed starches during the VLCD. Melba toast and Grissini can help in curbing hunger. These food choices also do not contain too many ingredients. Thus, contains very low saturated fat and cholesterol. Have these food choices along with your major meals. Make sure that you do not go beyond the 500 calorie requirements per day.