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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?

Metabolism, Aging, and the HCG Diet

No matter how good your metabolism is at an early age, it will slow down when you reach 30. As you age, your metabolic rate changes due to inactiveness, lifestyle, food choices, hormones, and other factors. When your metabolic rate slows down, you are more likely to gain weight. Your age can affect metabolism because it can lower your energy. 

Metabolism tends to slow down with age because of muscle loss and other natural factors in the body’s process. It leads you to put some weight and stimulates weight-related diseases. Nonetheless, you can combat or reverse the weight-related diseases due to aging. The HCG can also boost your metabolism and get back the balance of your hormones.

Can Aged Individual Lose Weight on the HCG diet?

The HCG is straightforward on burning fats without going through surgeries and extreme diet restrictions. It helps men and women to lose weight regardless of their body type, age, and individual differences. But, the HCG works at its best when you follow the diet protocol. Weight loss through the HCG diet can also promote weight-related diseases. It leads to weight loss through the combined approach of VLCD and daily HCG shots.

How to improve your metabolism as you age during HCG diet

  1. Avoid extreme exercise. Heavy exercise or training is not beneficial for your body. It can cause fatigue during the second phase of the HCG diet. Keep a low-intensity exercise routine during the HCG diet to prevent muscle loss and slowing down your metabolism. High-intensity training affects your progress and stimulates hunger and stress.
  2. Avoid prolonging your stress. Stress has an emotional and physical effect on the body. Deal with stress through healthy coping mechanisms during the HCG diet. Avoid eating foods to seek comfort or alleviate emotional tension because it can cause binge-eating. Prolonging stress can also spike up the stress hormones and leads to weight gain.
  3. Proper sleep. Grab enough time to sleep because it helps your body in performing a regular metabolism. It gives the body time to process things such as digestion. Sleeping can also calm your mental state and your brain. It helps keep off restlessness and stress that causes weight gain.
  4. Load more on protein. It helps burn calories and, it also supplies energy for your body.  Protein can also help in preserving muscle mass which is essential during your HCG diet. Load more protein during your HCG diet to boost your satiety.
  5. Choose healthy food choices. The HCG food choices help maintain metabolism. These are also helpful in maintaining health. Healthy food choices such as fiber-rich foods improve metabolism. These are also helpful in controlling the effect of aging.
  6. Control your calorie intake. Lower calories can slow down the effects of aging in your body. It will keep off unwanted calories that can trigger aging. Controlling your eating habits is also beneficial for your HCG weight loss. It promotes the proper intake of calories that helps in avoiding future health complications.

Do something for your body as early as now because it will be harder to reach your weight loss goal. Create your weight loss goal and make it come true with the HCG diet.