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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program
Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Educating your mind to be aware of the foods is important during the HCG diet. It helps in cultivating your mind that allows you to think. Thus, allows you to decide on what to eat, how much to eat, and the reason why you eat. Everything that you load up affects your weight loss. Eating mindfully makes you enjoy and track your intake of calories. You can eat effectively and allows you to stop when you are full.

Planning your meal as well can help reach your weight loss goal. This is a healthy approach to managing your meals. You can list down your meal plan/menu for the entire week or month of your diet. Proper meal planning helps you control your intake of calories. This will also entirely guide you for the rest of your meal during your HCG diet.

The importance of mindful eating during the HCG diet

Mindful eating controls your desire for unhealthy food. It keeps you stay aware of the foods and the ingredients present on it. This is a simple step that you would start in losing weight. Mindful eating is based on the focus of your brain to eating. Being mindful on eating can help you to be more effective in eating especially if you are on the diet. It helps you monitor and watch out on the foods that you are going to eat. Mindful eating will also help you determine the cause of cravings and repeated hunger.

Being mindful on eating is important despite the abundance of foods around you. This is because the common reason why you gain weight is because of the abundance of the foods around. You also have to know the real purpose of why you eat. It is because eating is not just about satisfying you from constant hunger or cravings. This is also about meeting all the nutrient needs of your body, especially on weight loss.

Choose the foods that bring benefits to your health and can also help you to lose weight. The foods for your weight loss are not the common options you can buy instantly. You have to also be mindful about your food choices. The HCG diet has provided a diet food list. It will serve as your guide to the foods that you are allowed to eat and purchase. You have to eat not because you crave but because your body needs nutrients. Being mindful on eating is an important requirement in reaching your weight loss goal.

Ways to practice mindful eating on HCG diet

  • Eat at the table- Mindfulness on eating also depends on your dining place. That is why you have to eat on your dining table to focus on eating. Do not eat while watching TV shows, gaming, or gaming. You cannot do two activities at a time. Eating needs to be in full attention to help you prevent loading more foods.
  • Check what you feel- Your state of emotions also affects your way of eating. Are you really hungry or you are just craving? Make sure that you have to respond only on physical hunger. If you respond to emotional hunger you will likely gain weight. Eating in response to emotion will ruin your HCG diet because you might eat foods that might add your weight.
  • You will be the one to choose the food you are going to eat- Make sure to cook and prepare your foods at home. You can also be the chef of your own. Eat and prepare your food according to the diet protocol. Choose the foods that are low in calorie, high in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Meal planning strategy during the HCG diet

  • Create a menu

There are various food choices you can choose from your diet food list. Plan a healthy meal and see to it that your body absorbs all the food nutrients. Be careful on the restriction of the caloric intake and nutritional requirements. Include the seasonings and condiments that you can use healthily during the HCG diet.

You can various kinds of the recipe based on the foods in your diet food list. Make sure that you will not spend too much money on your foods. There are meals or recipe that you can keep longer and maintain the nutritional profile longer. Do not create a meal plan that includes unhealthy seasonings. Take note that you have to stay away from sugar, fats, carbs and other unhealthy seasonings. Planning a menu advance can help you go on with your HCG diet without any slip.

  • Store foods in your refrigerator

Handle leftovers and do not eat it as soon as you reach the 500 calorie requirements. Store the healthy food choices on your refrigerator. This is to help you avoid a constant trip to the grocery store. The refrigerator will help you store and preserve the foods naturally without adding preservatives on it. Refrigerator or freezer is used to store meat choices, vegetable, fish and fruits. You can also store your easy to grab a snack so that you can have it instantly to avoid prolonged hunger.

Store an exact portion of foods such as fresh fruits and lean meat. You are not allowed to store dried fruits, processed meat, and canned vegetables. Processed items contain various unhealthy chemicals that can harm your weight loss. An example of a food that you can store is diced tomatoes or chopped vegetables.

  • Keep a grocery list with you

One important thing on the HCG diet that you must always have is the food list. This will serve as your diet reference for the foods that you are going to buy. Food list can also help in meal planning and buying the right kind of foods that you will need. Your food list will help you avoid the products that may ruin your weight loss.

You can have a copy of the food list in your pocket, bag or purse. It can help you to have a reference wherever you go. Purchase the foods that are only allowed for the allotted time of your weight loss.