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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


It is relatively common to successfully lose weight on the HCG diet. This is because the HCG diet protocol is straightforward and safe. You can successfully lose pounds by following the protocol. Anything outside the diet protocol is not allowed. Carefully follow the HCG diet to avoid things that may delay your weight loss.

HCG diet is phenomenally successful. However, if you make mistakes you will surely put yourself at risk. Gaining weight during the HCG diet is the common mistakes of most dieters. Slipping on the HCG diet may not result in satisfying weight loss. Mistakes will take you out from reaching your weight loss goal. That is why you have to avoid the common diet mistakes that cause weight gain.

Reject the unhealthy habits that constantly ruin your weight loss. Makeup yourself and have enough motivations to finish the HCG diet. HCG diet does not require much of your money. It only needs your commitment and time for the entire diet. However, there are times that you do everything and still, do not lose weight. This is because you continue to do mistakes while on the HCG diet.

The common mistakes you must stop during the HCG diet

  • Not sticking to the diet protocol– HCG diet protocol is not hard to understand. However, there are most cases that you neglect to follow the protocol. Follow the HCG diet with dedication and optimism to make it through. Failure to follow the protocol can be easily avoided by being more focused on the diet process. Understand the dos and don’ts of the HCG diet. There are certain causes of weight gain such as using food seasonings or using lotion-based cosmetics. Take time to familiarize yourself more on the protocol before you start the diet.
  • Improper food portioning– if you fail to portion your foods on HCG diet you will have an imbalance intake of calories. This will more likely cause weight gain. For proper food portioning you can use smaller plates or food scales. Food portioning is also an effective way of controlling your intake of calories. The food portioning tips is already outlined on your HCG diet food list. Every food choices are measured accurately. One thing that is needed to be controlled is your meat choices. Make sure that you are not guessing your portion sizes.
  • Doing heavy exercises– Be careful about your exercise especially if you are on an exercise-driven society. Heavy exercise is not allowed during the HCG diet. It is dangerous to work out especially on VLCD. This is because you will be more likely to gain weight. It can also cause fatigue and will cause you to eat more foods to end fatigue. Fatigue can cause low blood sugar and it slows down your weight loss process. You should never do heavy exercise or physically demanding activities during the HCG diet.
  • Unhealthy food choices– this fast-paced society you tend to turn to processed foods. Your usual choices are likely from canned vegetables or dried fruits. Canned products have added sugar, chemicals and even elevated amount of sodium. Everything at this time becomes instant and unhealthy. Anything that is canned and packed is less nutritious than the freshly picked products. The process of packing and canning destroys the nutritional profile of food choices. Choose to have fresh fruits, vegetables, and even organic meat and dairy while losing weight. Avoid unnecessary industrial food ingredients from processed products.
  • Purchasing fatty and processed meats– Fatty and processed meats are linked to being the cause of obesity and diseases. Fats that are found in meat products can constantly trigger cravings. Processed meats as well are loaded with preservatives, seasonings, hormones, etc. Focus on the organic meats that guarantee an antibiotic-free cut of meat. Choose the cuts of meat that is outlined in the HCG diet food list. It will help you avoid having unnecessary meat fat content.
  • Drinking unhealthy beverages– HCG diet limits you from enjoying beverages. You are only allowed to have coffee, tea, and water. Avoid added sugar and any forms of sugar on your drinks. Sugar will drag you from the diet track. Your tea and coffee must only be sweetened by stevia to safely lose weight. Throughout your day, consume water to stay hydrated and full. Do not drink fruit juices, soda, alcohol, milk teas, and other energy drink during the HCG diet. This is to avoid liquid calories that stop you from losing weight. It does not just affect your weight loss but also with your health stability.
  • You constantly skip meals- Eating your meals is needed for your health stability. Eating meals will meet the nutritional needs of your body during weight loss. You do not have to skip meals to lose weight rapidly. This is because the HCG alone will work wonders to reach your weight loss goal. Skipping meals is not necessary during the VLCD because it can cause nutritional deficiency. Each food nutrient is needed by your body’s system to perform activities. This can help in stabilizing your health as you lose weight. Do not eat too much or a lesser amount than 500 calories during your VLCD. Skipping meals triggers hunger pain and cravings that eventually add your weight up. Cravings can cause constant stress that triggers hormones in your body and cause natural weight gain.
  • Eating in response to stress– You cannot stave off stress if you eat too much. Eating may comfort you from the stress but it adds up your weight. Emotional or stress eating is unhealthy and dangerous. It does not just affect your weight but also the stability of your focus on your diet. Eating too much in response to stress can hurt your effort to lose weight on the HCG diet. Deal with stress as early as you start your HCG diet. Make sure that your stress level is balanced during your HCG diet to avoid complications.
  • Having unrealistic expectations– Unrealistic weight loss expectations will work against you during the HCG diet. Do not expect too much while you lose weight. Instead, compose your focus to do further. Set realistic goals that motivate you to lose weight even more.