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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The HCG diet will change your point of view towards the food you eat. It also changes your lifestyle and your daily routine. Phase 2 is known as VLCD. It is the part wherein the calorie is restricted. Follow this Phase to accomplish a lot. Do it strictly to avoid breaks. Phase two is usually one in 3 to 6 weeks. You have to pay more attention to HCG shots and make sure you will not miss a dose to promote greater weight loss.

The VLCD is the heart of the HCG program. This is the time that you cut down your intake of calories while maintaining the HCG shots. The reality about the VLCD is that it is not about the foods you eat. It is about the nutrients you get from it and its benefit to weight loss. More food choices do not mean that you get more nutrients. Proper nutrition is not about the quantity of the foods you serve but about the quantity of it. This means that the VLCD also makes sure that your body has enough supply of nutrients through the help of the HCG.

How to use HCG diet hormones?

The injection is done once a day in the morning. HCG shot is done along with a VLCD. The exact amount of food portions is needed. Make sure to follow the calorie restriction. This is for the working of the HCG hormones in the body. The right dose of HCG Hormones does not cause any hunger pangs even if you wait too long for a meal. Once you eat, you will be satisfied and does not feel hungry for the whole day.

Example of a calorie portioning during the HCG diet

Breakfast– a cup of Tea or coffee

Lunch-100 grams of lean meat

1 serving of broccoli

1 apple

1 Melba toast or grissini

Dinner– The same meal and portion as lunch

The HCG diet program is composing of visitation and consultation of medical exerts before starting the diet. You also have to undergo an evaluation of the thyroid. Make sure that you have purchased enough HCG kits for your weight loss duration. Continue to track your weight loss through weighing every morning as soon as you get up from your bed.

How to do the HCG shot properly?

  • Wash your hands before touching any of the injection or HCG kits
  • Clean the area in your body with alcohol and cotton where you will do the shot
  • Locate the fattiest area of your body
  • Load your syringe with HCG and see to it that the hormone is not contaminated
  • Pinch the fat tissue in the desired area of your body the common area is in the abdomen
  • Inject the needle while you pinch the fatty part of your skin
  • Push the plunger slowly to release the HCG in your body
  • Remove it slowly forming the same angle as to how you inject it
  • Wipe again with alcohol and cotton in the area of your body where the injection is inserted
  • Make sure to record the time and date of your daily shot
  • Dispose of the empty container and needle in the proper disposal area
  • Keep the HCG kit away from the reach of children and pets

The benefits of the Very Low-Calorie diet

  • It detoxifies your body

The VLCD allows body cleansing through the foods that are rich in nutrients. Take off the unhealthy and chemically processed foods that lower your stress levels. The detoxification will clean not just your fats stores but also your blood from high cholesterol levels.

  • VLCD controls your blood sugar

VLCD controls and prevents your body from storing glucose and producing fats. The remaining glucose in your fat stores will be used by HCG as an energy source. It takes off the foods that cause high blood pressure. Cut down your intake of fatty foods to prevent high blood pressure and other diseases.

  • It prevents from giving too many calories

Take off junk foods, sugary foods and the foods that have high carbohydrates. Sugar and carbs have a high level of calories which can cause weight gain. These foods have too many calories which may cause weight gain. Give your body a break by eating the foods that are allowed only during the VLCD.

Helpful tips for VLCD of the HCG diet

  • Weigh every food choice before cooking- You have to weigh the food before cooking especially the meat choice. This is to help you get the proper portion of each food and nutrients per meal setting. Weighing food is also one way of controlling your intake of calories.
  • Administer the HCG shot on time– You can set an alarm or reminder to avoid missing a dose. See to it that you will not go on 24 hours without having your HCG shot. Missing a dose might delay your weight loss. HCG shot plays a very important role during your very low-calorie diet.
  • Avoid using oil-based cosmetics- Do not use oil-based products such as lotions and creams. The oil-based products will absorb in your body and may cause a delay in your weight loss. The HCG will naturally maintain and improve your skin health during rapid weight loss.
  • Create your HCG diet meal- Creating your diet recipe will keep you from purchasing foods that are high in calories. Always refer to the diet food list for safe food choices. Make sure to stay away from sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. Load on the foods that helps you reach your weight loss goal.
  • Eat slowly and do not over-eat- If you eat fast it will lead you to eat a lot. Remember that weight gain is not just in the diet. It will stay throughout your life. It is better to control the eating style than to gain weight.
  • You can use Stevia as a sugar replacement- For coffee and Tea, you can use stevia as your sweetener. Keep on track and stay away from sugar and starch.