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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


There are some ways that you can balance your blood sugar which can help you control your appetite during the HCG diet. Balancing your blood sugar levels can lower the chance of developing diabetes. Balancing blood sugar levels has something to do with your food intake and lifestyle.

Balanced blood sugar during the HCG diet

A balanced blood sugar prevents you from extreme cravings. It can help you stave off hunger pains and the urge to eat certain foods. When your blood sugar spikes up, you are at risk of binge eating. It’s because your body will seek satisfaction for the unidentified cravings. When you control your blood sugar levels, you can calm your mood and reduce fatigue. It also improves your brain health that boosts your focus on the diet program.

Four ways to balance your blood sugar during the HCG diet

#1- Eat low to zero-glycemic foods

The foods that contain low to zero glycemic indexes should be your primary foods when you are on a diet. The glycemic index is a means to measure how a specific food causes a rise in your blood sugar. Low glycemic foods come from vegetables, lean chicken meat, and lean protein. These food choices should be available in your home during the HCG diet.

#2- Snack on healthy foods between meals

Physical hunger can sometimes occur in between meals. For this, you will need healthy foods to stave off hunger. The first thing that comes into your mind about snacking is eating junk foods. However, on the HCG diet, you should change this unhealthy pattern. Be smart with your choices and avoid snacking on calorie-loaded foods. Healthy options for snacking are fruits such as apple and orange. It keeps you from the rise of blood sugar levels.

#3 – Eating lots of lean protein

Protein releases energy slowly than carbs and sugar.  It is a healthy food that helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels. It maintains satiety and aids the HCG in pulling power from burned fats. Through this, your body can burn a large number of fats. Lean protein also staves off your cravings for sweet foods.

#4 – Get most of your nutrients from vegetables and fruits

The best way to get most of the nutrients needed for your body is from fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables fight inflammation and raise blood sugar levels. Opt for green and leafy veggies such as lettuce, celery, spinach, and cabbage. Vegetables and fruits contain high levels of fiber that maintain fullness.

Is there a connection between sleeping and blood sugar levels?

Yes. The amount of sleep you have per day also affects your blood sugar levels. So, ensure that you get enough amount of sleep every night. It will not just prevent high-stress levels but also controls your blood sugar. When you have enough sleep, you are less likely to develop symptoms of cravings and fatigue. By getting more sleep, it will help to control high cortisol levels and insulin resistance.