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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Your body still needs to absorb nutrients during your weight loss. Load on healthy food choices to maximize your weight loss. Choose the foods that have high nutrient levels during the HCG diet. Stay on your diet track and follow the protocol. Various nutrient-dense foods will help you in losing weight. P1 and phase 2 differ in the requirements of calories. You have to be careful in your food choices during this Phase.

The HCG diet will help you in prolonging your life through weight loss. The organic loading will keep you out from diseases. It will also help in cleansing our body from harmful toxins. The nutrient dense-foods promote weight loss and increase your focus on your diet. These food choices will lower your risk of having weight-related diseases. Thus, helps you to be a responsible dieter.

HCG diet is a weight loss protocol that helps you lose pounds naturally. You have to stop all your habits that cause weight gain. HCG diet mainly works in resetting your metabolic rate. It also burns the unreached body fats in various parts of your body. Through the HCG diet, you will learn and embrace a new lifestyle for a healthy transition.

Why do you need to stop eating unhealthy foods on the HCG diet?

This is because unhealthy foods trigger diseases that may threaten your life. It can also cause weight gain or may stop your weight loss. Unhealthy foods are appealing foods that cause you to eat too much. Remove all the unhealthy foods in your kitchen and storage if you are doing the HCG diet. You have to stop your intake of unhealthy foods during the HCG diet to avoid cravings. It will also keep you out from extreme hunger or ruined metabolic rate.

Phase 1 of the HCG diet

This is the first step or the starting point of the HCG diet. Phase 1 is known as the gorging stage of the HCG diet. You can eat as much food as you want without feeling any guilt. The gorging stage is also known as the goodbye phase. You will bid goodbye to your unhealthy food indulgences. Focus on loading fatty foods to prepare your fat stores. Lading of fats may seem intimidating but it is needed. You just have to trust the HCG protocol because you are not allowed to skip a phase.

Phase 2 of the HCG diet

The very low-calorie diet comes right after your loading phase. You can do this by cutting down your caloric intake into 500. The rapid fat burning and major metabolic resetting happen during this phase. You will also be adopting new food choices during the VLCD. You will have a new perception of food and eating. Phase 2 is also the time that you will transition into healthy habits.

The Nutrient-dense food for Phase 1 and 2of the HCG diet

  • Fatty fish- The common fish that is helpful in weight loss is salmon. It is naturally rich in healthy fats. A healthy fat keeps your heart healthy. This is also helpful in boosting your brain. You can have fatty fish during Phase 1 of the HCG diet. It will help in preparing your fat stores for faster weight loss. Fatty-fish also has a high quality of protein that keeps your muscle healthy. It is also responsible for keeping your out from high-stress levels.
  • Leafy green vegetables and fruits- these food products are loaded with fiber. It helps in maintaining and promoting digestion, metabolism and weight loss. Fiber is very helpful in various biological activities in your body. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals which help in fighting against diseases. Fruits and vegetables supply the needed nutrients in your body during the HCG diet. These are also rich in antioxidants that fight against free radicals.
  • Lean meat- This is helpful in weight loss and weight loss stabilization. Lean meat is known to have high levels of protein. It keeps your muscles and bone health. Lean meat as well helps in curbing hunger. It keeps your stomach full and avoids prolonged hunger. You are allowed to have all cuts of lean pork, beef, and chicken meat. Lean meat is allowed in both phase 1 and phase 2 of the HCG diet.
  • Avocado- This is the most diverse fruit. Avocado is loaded with cream and healthy fats. The fatty content of the avocado is helpful in metabolism. Avocado is allowed during the loading phase of the HCG diet. Avocado is an excellent source of fiber that shows benefits in cardiovascular diseases.
  • Kale and cabbage- These vegetable choices are low in calories which fit during your VLCD. You can eat this vegetable even if it is raw. Eating these foods raw or half cook has a full assurance that you get most of the nutrients. Kale and cabbage have high antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. These are also helpful in fighting against cancer.
  • Nuts- This is allowed in during the loading phase. Nuts are one of the plant-based sources of protein. Nuts are rich in vitamin E and magnesium. Nuts can help in lowering your risk from high blood sugar. Nuts also help in dealing with the cause of obesity. These are also helpful in curbing your hunger. Have a handful of nuts during your loading phase.

The nutrients that you can get from the foods during the HCG diet

  • Protein and calcium

It helps in balancing your calories. This is also helpful in repairing and rebuilding your body tissues. Protein also promotes the growth and protection of your muscles during rapid fat burning. Protein is an important nutrient in building your body cells. It curbs hunger and cravings, especially during the VLCD. Calcium also maintains strong bones and lowers your risk from high blood pressure.

  • Iron, vitamins, minerals, and fiber

This is one of the vital nutrients that your body needs for weight loss. It helps maintain your blood healthy. Iron as well prevents fatigue and a high level of stress. Iron boosts immunity and renews your energy. It also takes off high-stress levels during the HCG diet. You can get this nutrient from the leafy vegetables, fruits and even meat that are allowed during the HCG diet. Vitamins and minerals also fight the risk of having life-threatening diseases.