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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Nutrients are needed during your HCG diet. The proper nutrition is gained after you lose weight through the HCG diet. Weight loss is needed to keep off diseases and help you prolong your life. The maintenance of your health and weight loss depends on the nutrients from your food choices.

What are the nutrients that are needed during your HCG diet?

  • Protein- These are mostly found in your HCG lean meat choices. You can have protein from lean pork or beef meat, fish and seafood. Protein provides amino acids that help build and maintain your growth. These are also helpful in maintaining your body tissue and keeping your muscle healthy.Proteins help develop and repair muscle tissues and cells in your body during the HCG diet. Protein will also help your body in fighting against inflammation and it can also help in curbing your hunger. You can have 2 servings of protein choices each day. Make sure to have a proper portion of your meat choices if you are doing the VLVD. Serve fat free meat in each meal settings.
  • Healthy fats– These are allowed during your loading phase. This help in preparing your body for the VLCD. You can load on to coconut milk, olive oil, cheese, poultry, and meats. This help boosts your brain health. Healthy fats will also help in keeping off your stress levels and will improve your focus in your diet.
  • Minerals and vitamins– It helps in maintaining your heart health. Vitamins and minerals are mostly found in your fruits and vegetable choices during your HCG diet. Fruits and vegetable choices are also helpful in supplying iron that keeps you out from anemia.
  • Healthy carbohydrates- These are also known as good carbs and it is allowed after your HCG diet. Healthy carbs will help in supplying energy for your body. The main use of carbs after your HCG diet is for energy supply. However, you have to be very careful about loading good crabs because it can still add weight. The good crabs will help you gain energy that can be used during your daily activities.

HCG diet is a healthy weight loss process that includes healthy food choices for proper loading. It will help your body get the proper nutrients that can help in losing weight. These are also helpful in keeping your body healthy as you are losing and maintaining your weight.