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Overcoming Emotional Eating Struggles on the HCG Diet

Emotional eating causes most diet plans to fail. It is known as stress eating or eating lots of food to alleviate emotional needs. The typical cause of emotional eating is stress. The goal of emotional eating is to make you feel better. It is not about satisfying your hunger and supporting the nutritional needs of your body.

The HCG Diet limits the amounts and type of food you eat to lose weight. But, if you are struggling with emotional eating, cutting the calorie intake per day can urge you to cheat. Hunger and the idea of eating will keep popping in your mind. Ensure that emotional eating does not occur during the HCG diet.

Coping up with an unpleasant emotion or stress is more likely to push you to come running for emotional comfort. Be careful with feeling dull or eating a similar recipe per day because it can trigger cravings. So, avoid eating bland foods every day during the VLCD. There are several ways to spice your meals up during the HCG diet. Avoid swinging up in your favorite pizza house or haul every restaurant to prevent weight gain.

Is using foods as a reward can affect your diet?

Using food as a reward is not a worse idea. But when you turn foods into your comfort mechanism to cope-up with stress, it can trigger unhealthy habits. It is NOT advisable on the HCG diet to eat foods to counteract stress. Note that you can fill more foods for emotional hunger but, it can sabotage your weight loss. Emotional eating during a stressful situation may help you feel better, but the cause of stress remains.

Gain control over emotional eating habits and find a healthier substitute. There are several ways to deal with your emotions rather than digging on foods. Eat mindfully to overcome your emotional eating habits and get back n your weight-loss track. Avoid everything that stimulates your urge to eat calorie-loaded treats.

Physical hunger VS Emotional hunger

Physical hunger:

  • It occurs slowly and, it does not demand you to eat fast as if you are not eating foods throughout the day.
  • Any food can alleviate hunger. You can eat fruits and vegetables.
  • You keep track of what you eat because you are practicing mindful eating.
  • Physical starvation causes stomach growling as a way of saying you need food.

Emotional hunger:

  • It sends an urgent signal and demands you to eat specific foods without tracking.
  • Your body seeks sugary food and drinks. Avoid eating foods when you are hungry for cakes, ice cream, pizza, donuts, and burgers.
  • It does not get out of your mind and, you keep on recalling the texture, smell, and flavor of the food.
  • It causes you to eat more even though you are full. As a result, you will have stomach discomfort.

Look for these signs and avoid eating foods when it occurs to prevent emotional eating. Avoid putting your emotions on the food you eat. Keep your calorie intake low on the HCG diet to overcome emotional eating. Incorporate some mind-boosting exercise to improve your focus and avoid emotional eating.