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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Your daily activities matter most while you are on the HCG diet. It’s because there are activities you are not aware of that it can help you burn calories. There are surprising ways to burn extra calories without being aware of it. These things can be an additional help in burning calories during the second phase of the HCG diet.

What is a calorie?

A calorie is the amount or unit of energy present in certain foods. It is a basis on how much energy your body can get in food or drinks. Calories are important to fuel your body. However, eating too much leads to storing fats in various parts of your body. That’s why during the HCG diet, you have to control your food intake to avoid loading too many calories.

Why is it important to burn calories?

Burning food calories is important to maintain the supplication of fuel in your body. Burning calories allows the stabilization of the activities of your body organs. Your body will burn calories to maintain proper breathing, body temperature, and blood circulation. It also fuels your digestive system and repair cells. Thus, help in nervous system activities and brain health.

The overlooked activities that help burn extra calories on the HCG diet

#1- Laughing- When you laugh for 10 to 15 minutes you are burning 40 calories. It causes a faster heartbeat which makes your metabolism increase. When your metabolic rate is at a higher level you start to lose extra calories.

#2- Singing- This activity does not only express your emotions out but also releases extra calories. Singing can burn calories almost the same amount as walking. Singing can also allow you to burn extra calories with a comparable result to performing yoga.

#3- Doing chores- One of the best workouts is doing household chores. However, this is often neglected. Doing chores involves movement and release of sweat. Simple acts of wiping your window, vacuuming. Sweeping and washing your car helps burn calories. Doing chores is also refreshing and beneficial in maintaining sanitation.

#4- Grocery shopping- While walking around the store you are already burning calories. Walking around during grocery shopping is the same as having a daily walking routine. Take note that you must avoid going to grocery stores when you are hungry to avoid eating unhealthy foods.

#5- Dancing- A simple wiggle in your house creates more fun. It also allows your body to release extra calories. Dancing is as good as aerobic fitness. The best thing is when you dance for an hour you will be burning 500 calories. Make sure that you still got enough energy for extra activities to avoid hunger.

#6- Drinking cold water- A cold water sip in the morning can jumpstart your metabolism. It boosts calorie burning. The cold water helps to lose weight more efficiently than hot water. It is because your body regulates its temperature immediately after it obtains any fluids or nutrients. This will eventually lead to a high-calorie burning rate. Coldwater emits sweats and other causes of water retention.