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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


A plateau is a sign that you do something to delay the weight loss. It is also a sign that you have reached the weight loss goal. There are times that a plateau happens to signal the dieter to shift to Phase 3. Weight loss plateau happens to hcg dieters who tries to lose weight. This is a natural reaction of the body. The HCG diet has the right schedule cycle to transition to Phase 3. There are various cases that delay weight loss. There are circumstances that will delay the process of weight loss. There are some things that will guide you in doing the HCG diet in the right way. Here are some things that cause a plateau Improper counting of calories- On the HCG diet, a 500 calorie requirement must be followed. The 500 calorie meal requirement has the exact amount of the needed nutrients. Count the calories in each meal serving that you eat. You start to consume calories that follow the caloric count. See to it that you do not fail to count the calories. Do not consume too many or too few calories. Eat your meals at your house. Eating outside the house will cause you to eat too many calories. Plan and prepare all the meals in your own kitchen. The foods in fast food chains and restaurants are loaded with calories. It is also loaded with harmful ingredients. These ingredients will cause plateau or weight gain. You also have to be careful with the choices of meat that you eat. You have to be careful to load on organic products. There is meat that contains extra fats. You should not include the visible fats in your protein choices before cooking. The extra fats in the meat will delay weight loss. It also affects the work of the HCG Injections. During the HCG diet, the intake of fat must be low. This is because you must stop the loading of fats, sugar, and carbs. Switch the intake of protein to other choices. You can have white fish or chicken. Take note that you have to weigh the meat before cooking. Oil-based cosmetics and artificial sweeteners- These will also cause a delay in weight loss. Each dieter must be careful of the products they used. These products are loaded with chemicals that are harmful. There is a list in the HCG that will guide for better health.