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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The fruits, veggies, and protein are the major meal for the HCG diet. They provide essential nutrients and minerals. These are the needed things that fuel the body. To ensure health benefits, you can have various kinds of choices. Each vegetable has enough loads of nutrients that are needed in the body. There are dietary guidelines for fruits and veggies. Whole fruits such as the fruits in the HC diet are loaded with nutrients too. Fruits can also be your easy-to-grab snacks. You can have it during the HCG diet meal time. You can also have a choice to split to complete the 500 calories.

The protein content is mostly found in lean meat. You can also choose to have fish as a replacement. You meat choice must be fat-free. The visible fats must be removed before it will be cooked. The food groups in the HCG diet food list have the exact nutrients that the body needs. These nutrients are responsible for maintaining health. They are responsible for energy supply and vitality. These foods are used to boost the body and maintain a healthy immune system.

The fruit and vegetable choices are effective in preventing various diseases. It prevents diseases that are related to obesity. This will help the HCG diet hormones in shedding pounds. The HCG Injections have different functions in the body during the diet duration. It will target the unreached parts that are covered with fats. It will also shift the body into a healthy metabolism and lifestyle.

The HCG helps in maintaining the strength of the muscle. It burns fats and leaves muscle health. The main target of the HCG hormones is just the muscles. This is done with the help of the HCG diet meals. The meal plan of the HCG diet depends on the Phases. Phase 1 requires more fats as you can. It will allow a dieter to eat as much food as he can for the body. The purpose of this technique is to store enough fats needed in the body for the entire diet.

Phase 2 or the VLCD is obviously low in calorie consumption. The HCG diet only allows 500 calories each day. This is enough calories that are needed for the entire day. It does not allow any sugar or carb at any amount. Phase 3 allows for more food choices. However, the calorie must be counted.