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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


HCG is a natural hormone that assists obese people in weight loss. It regulates the metabolic processes to help you lose weight. When you take the HCG shots, you also follow a low-calorie diet per day. The HCG will make you feel less hungry even when you are eating 500 calories daily. It will help your body perform rapid fat burning.

The HCG boosts your metabolic rate to break down fats. It will keep your weight loss going until you finish the phase. HCG diet protocol aids in getting the result you want without falling into some pitfalls. You can see the results of your weight loss every day. Be careful with some weight loss roadblocks. It slows down your progress in reaching your goals.

What are the roadblocks to the HCG diet?

  • Spices and seasonings

Review all the ingredients of your seasonings. Ensure that it does not contain oils, sugar, fats, and starch. Opt for natural herbs and spices as much as possible. The use of salt must be minimal to prevent weight loss plateau.

  • Sweetener products

You can use stevia during the HCG diet. It is a substitute for sugar and other unhealthy syrups. But, be careful because there are stevia products that contain some form of sugar.

  • Weight loss supplements

The HCG diet does not allow weight loss pills. Weight loss pills delay your progress. Thus, stop you from burning fats. You also have to avoid weight loss soda, juices, and other drinks that claim to result in weight loss.

  • Cosmetics and beauty products

You cannot use creams, pills, ointments, lotions on the HCG diet. Take note that the largest organ in the body is your skin. Whatever things you apply to your skin affects your diet. Ensure that you avoid animal-based creams and cosmetic products.

  • Medicine and steroids

Medicines affect the HCG. Inform your doctor if you have prescription medicine for high blood pressure and cholesterol. Weight gain is one of the common side effects of steroids and drugs. As much as possible, you should avoid them while you are taking your HCG shots. Do not stop or change your medication if it is vital or it has consideration from your doctor.

  • Meats

Take some precautions in serving meats during the HCG diet. Ensure that it does not contain fats. Avoid cooking them in oil or butter to prevent weight gain. Choose the leanest cut to assist your VLCD. It is not advisable to overcook meats because it degrades the nutrients of the food.

Sometimes the simple things can be a roadblock to your success. Be a responsible dieter. Weight gain can happen anytime if you slip on the protocol. One of the most vital things to do is track your food intake. It will help you control the calories you are eating in the very low-calorie phase. To avoid some roadblocks, record everything you do in a journal. Step on your weighing scale every morning to see your progress. It will help you track your weight loss.