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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The hardest part of losing weight is not having the right weight loss goal. Your chance of succeeding in your diet depends on your weight loss goal. This is because the weight loss goal will help you reach success. It will also motivate you to get through food temptations. Your weight loss goal will motivate you in every step of the way on your weight loss journey.

You have to set an achievable weight loss goal for a bigger chance of success. It will keep you from expecting too much on your diet results. The weight loss goal is not just set for your weight loss journey but it also sets you for improvements. Part of the improvement is changing your habits. It will serve as your basis in everything that you will do during the HCG diet.

The right weight loss goal for the HCG diet

You must create an achievable and realistic weight loss goal. The weight loss goal must be reached in a set period. Create a goal that you can reach step by step in each week. Do not create a hard to reach a weight loss goal. It is because it will just ruin your entire weight loss journey. You can go beyond your limitations. But, you have to make sure that you will not overdo. Align your weight loss goal to your capabilities to reach success fast.

Embracing a healthy habit is also a step in losing weight. You cannot shed pounds by having a weight loss goal alone. This is because you have to adopt a new lifestyle before you will start working on your weight loss goal. You cannot lose weight if you continue doing unhealthy lifestyle. The healthy habits will help you stay on your diet track and avoid any slip.

Your unhealthy routine will make your diet journey hard. Embracing good eating habits will be learned as you go deeper on the HCG diet. Choose the fat-free and calorie-less foods for your weight loss. Observe proper control of your food portion and control your intake of calories. Remember that HCG diet only allows 500 calories per day on VLCD. Stay away from sugar, starch and other unhealthy food ingredients including processed food items.

Goal setting for each phase of the HCG diet

  • Phase 1 or also known as the loading phase

The main goal in Phase 1 of the HCG diet is not to lose weight. Your goal in this phase is to load on foods as much as you can. This is a 2-day binge eating that will help prepare your fat stores. Phase 1 is a bit intimidating and ironic. This is because you have to load more foods to be able to start losing weight. Nobody is exempted to do the loading phase. This is an important part of the HCG diet to jumpstart your weight loss.

  • Phase 2 or the very low-calorie diet

Phase 2 will follow right after your loading phase. The goal of this phase is to accomplish the 500 calorie requirement daily. Maintain the proper food portioning and control of your intake of calories. Do not go beyond the limitation during the very low-calorie diet. This is because your weight loss process will stop or delay if you will slip. Stay on your diet track by following the HCG diet protocol. Aim to load on organic foods.

  • Phase 3 or the stabilization phase

Your goal in this phase is not anymore on losing weight. Phase 3 is the time that you will introduce back more foods in your diet. It is also the time that the HCG will slowly leave in your body. Introduce more food choices slowly to give your body time to adjust. The main goal is to stabilize the weight loss goal that you have accomplished. Aim to load more foods that help you maintain your weight loss. You can freely do the steak or apple day in case your weight is stalling or you gain weight.

  • Phase 4 or the maintenance phase

Phase 4 is also known as the lifetime plan. It is because Phase 4 is preparing yourself for the rest of your life.  You will be living a fit and disease-free body longer. Your goal is to maintain your weight loss goal for the rest of your life. You are also now allowed to eat real foods even sugar and starch. However, you are not allowed to go back to your old eating habits. Continue to do the eating style that you have acquired while doing the HCG diet.

Starting a new eating habit on the HCG diet

  • Introduce new food choices- be disciplined in eating especially on your food choices. Keep a list of the HCG diet food list as your reference. The foods are carefully chosen to reach your weight loss goal. The meal choices are important not just for weight loss but in fighting against diseases. Choose whole and organic foods such as fresh fruits, lean meat, and vegetables.
  • Discipline on your eating style- Eating slowly will help you detect fullness and maintain proper food portion. You will not be able to now if you are full or hungry if you eat fast. Being a disciplined dieter will help you reach your weight loss goal. It can also help you follow the proper protocol in doing the HCG diet, especially on VLCD.
  • Prepare your snack- avoid snacking out on food chains and restaurants. Create your snack at home. This is to control your intake of calories. Choose a food item in your HCG diet food list for your diet snack. Set yourself free from unhealthy foods such as pizza and burgers. This kind of foods is loaded with processed eat and other unhealthy ingredients. The HCG diet fruits are the best example for your HCG snack.
  • Portion your food properly- failure to do the food portioning will eventually delay your weight loss. Proper food portioning is done by checking food labels. It can be also done by weighing foods before cooking. Always be careful with your food choices. Do not load on carbs and sugar.