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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


There is not magic step when you want to lose weight on the HCG diet. Everything follows a protocol. The HCG diet implements weight loss through the diet protocol. It serves as guide on the food you eat, calorie intake, exercise and other basic things to lose weight. Everything on the HCG diet is all about lifestyle change and adopting new food choices. You also have to stop all your food indulgences and other unhealthy eating habits. The purpose of adapting a new lifestyle is to help the body adjust to how the HCG diet works.

Tips that helps in losing weight during the HCG diet

  • Stick to the diet protocol

HCG interacts in your body and leads to faster weight loss. Do not introduce processed foods that will ruin your weight loss. The HCG diet protocol will help in reaching your weight loss goal. It will keep you on your diet track without causing any slip. The HCG diet protocol will guide you to finish the process without confusion. Dieter that follows the HCG diet protocol has a bigger chance to succeed.

  • Do not wait until you starve

Do not wait until you starve to avoid mindless eating. Starvation will increase your stress levels and may cause you to eat too much. Starvation causes you to eat impulsively on unhealthy food choices. Keep an easy to grab food that you can eat in case of hunger. Prepare your food ahead of time so that you can have it right away on meal time. Do not wait until you starve because there is a big risk to eat too much calories.

  • Drink coffee and green tea

Have some sugar-free coffee of green tea. These are good substitute for water. Green tea and coffee boost your metabolism and set your brain to focus. Drinking coffee and tea helps in fat burning. It has low calories that fit during your very low-calorie diet.

  • Stay hydrated

One of the unlimited drinks you can have during the HCG diet is water. It is because it has zero calories and has health benefits. It helps curb your hunger and lowers your cravings. Water also helps in suppressing your appetite and helps you control in eating. Water takes off toxins and burned fats from your body.

  • Space your meal

One guilt-free technique to stay full for the whole day is to split your meal. Eating fewer foods helps you control and curbs hunger. Stay to the 500 calorie requirements during the VLCD. You can space the 500 calorie meal into 5. It will provide enough calories to power your day.

  • Meditate to control stress

Meditation has great effects in lowering your stress levels. A stable stress level is very important especially if you are trying to lose weight. Meditation will boost your focus and will improve your metabolic rate. It helps you become more aware of your thoughts and actions. It helps you focus more on your diet protocol. You can also consider having enough time to sleep. This is a way of renewing your energy to be able to stay energized even in a low calorie diet.

  • Do not eat too fast

You are not in the race. Eating too fast will lead to a failure in tracking your food intake. It also cause metabolic deficiency. Keep in mind that digestion does not begin in the stomach but your mouth. Eating slowly will also help you detect fullness. It also helps in tracking your food intake.

  • Avoid processed drinks

Carbonated drinks and other processed beverages contain the highest calories. These calories are known as liquid calories which is very harmful not just to your weight but also to your health. Always remember that your body cannot detect liquid calories. You are not allowed to drink fruits juices, soda, alcohol, wine, and energy drinks.

  • Avoid the foods that are rich in sugar

Sugar is one of the causes of rapid storing of fats in various parts of your body. It can also elevate your blood sugar levels which may lead to chronic diseases. You must stop eating sugar if you want to lose weight, especially on the HCG diet. If you want sweet foods during the HCG diet you can use stevia. This is a natural sweetener from a plant source. It improves or provides a sweet flavor without any guilt.

  • Limit your intake of sodium

Sodium is one of the contributors to weight gain and fat-storing. Water follows sodium that is why there are water retention or water weights. Choose to load on nutritious foods that are high in fiber.

Why choose the HCG diet for weight loss?

  • It has great results with fat burning – The HCG acts directly to the stored fats in the hard to reach areas of your body. The rate of your metabolism is dependent on how the HCG works on your body. HCG does not touch as a single mass of your muscle. It maintains the health and firmness of your muscle as it burns your fats rapidly.
  • HCG diet promotes the proper distribution of nutrients – HCG diet maintains the stability of your health. This is through the eating style and habits during the diet duration. It allows meeting all the nutritional requirements of your body during weight loss. The foods will aid in proper digestion and maintaining skin health. This will also keep you protected from all weight-related diseases.
  • It is natural and organic- The food items and the diet hormone itself are from natural products. It is safe for your body for weight loss. Your food items during the HCG diet are all organic. HCG diet does not allow processed foods and drinks. Processed products are the main cause of weight gain and other diseases.
  • It washes your body from toxins– Eating more on fruits and vegetable gives your body a break from eating unhealthy food choices. This means that your body will slowly be cleansing from industrial food ingredients. Healthy food choices will help you embrace a new lifestyle.