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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Losing weight also affects the firmness and elasticity of your skin. This is because of the massive fat and muscle loss. However, the HCG diet does not affect your skin healthy while losing weight. The HCG works differently than another diet regimen. It burns body fats but leaves your muscles and skin behind. This means that it protects your skin and muscle during the massive fat burning.

HCG improves your skin appearance. It maintains the normal look of your skin and makes it elastic and healthy. HCG is best for skin health and you do not need more cosmetics. It restores the natural glow of your skin and makes it even clearer. HCG is a diet regimen that allows you to lose weight and avoids sagging skin and wrinkles.

How does the HCG diet help in improving your skin health?

Your skin health is affected by the foods you eat. It is also exposed to toxins and poor hydration. The HCG diet will change your lifestyle as well as how you deal with your environment. It changes your food choices into healthy ones. Healthy food choices do not just help in maintaining a healthy body. It also fights against free radicals that destroy your skin. HCG helps in improving your skin contour and complexion. HCG has also anti-aging effects on your skin.

Skincare tips during the HCG diet

#1- Do not use oil-based products

Be careful in purchasing skincare products when you are doing the HCG diet. This is because most of the products in the market are not HCG diet-friendly. Do not purchase oil-based skincare products. You have to be careful, check and read the ingredients of the products to avoid slipping. Oil-based products affect fat burning during the HCG diet. Your skin will tend to absorb the oil the skin treatment products that you are using. Just be aware that the HCG diet does not allow any oily products whether it is from food or skincare.

#2- Exfoliate your skin

Skin exfoliation is the removal of toxins, dead skin cells, and other unhealthy chemicals. Exfoliation is important to make some room for new cells. The HCG helps in exfoliating your skin. It renews skin cells and removes the dead skin cells on various parts of your body. Most of the toxins in your skin are taken off through sweating. You can brush your skin to break impurities. Skin exfoliation is allowed during the HCG diet.

#3- Avoid prolonging high-stress levels

Stress does not just affect your weight. It also advances the aging of your skin. You have to deal with stress right away to avoid the occurrence of wrinkles. Stress can trigger a certain hormone in your body that allow weight gain. It also promotes the overproduction of skin oils. This is the reason why acne and pimples occur. It also triggers other skin problems. Make sure to be in a clean environment during the HCG diet. Do not surround yourself with stressful things to avoid skin damages. Prolonged stress is also the cause of why you gain weight naturally. Avoid dirty surroundings and other skin pollutants. This is because it does not just cause stress but also skin damages. Deal with stress right away by having time to relax or sleep.

#4- Use mineral oil

Mineral oil is from natural products that are usually for cosmetics.  These are also used for skincare especially during weight loss. Mineral oil helps in dealing with clogged pores in the skin. The minerals go into your skin and lower inflammation. It prevents skin irritation and the growth of pimples and other skin problems. Mineral oil also allows the constant supply of water in your skin all over your body. It keeps skin hydrated and healthy.

#5- Stay hydrated

Water helps in hydrating your body organs including your skin. It helps in controlling the oil in your body that may cause acne. It plays a major role in weight loss and skin health. Water carries nutrients in parts of your body. Thus, carries nutrients to promote skin health. You have to stay hydrated to maintain the freshness and elasticity of your skin.

Tips to do to promote skin health and weight loss on HCG diet

  • Start to have new food choices

The foods on the HCG diet are carefully chosen for your weight loss. It also helps in maintaining healthy skin during rapid weight loss. Fruits and vegetables can work wonder in your skin. It controls fats and other free radicals that affect your skin health. You have to renew your food choices during the HCG diet. Do not load on fatty food and highly processed foods. This is because food chemicals will not just stop the HCG I burning your body fats. It also destroys your skin.

  • Stop eating fried foods

Fried foods are loaded with saturated fats. These are the common cause of major skin problems. The HCG diet helps in detoxifying your body from the effects of saturated fats. It helps your skin to fight against the attack of toxins. You have to stop your intake on fried foods because of the high level of calories that may stop you from losing weight.

  • Maintain your HCG shot

HCG allows you to lose weight faster. It burns the fats in your body that affects your skin. It burns subcutaneous fats that cause the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and high-stress levels. Have your HCG shot at the same time each day to promote greater results. You also have to embrace new food choices while maintain the HCG shot. This is because unhealthy food choices will stop the work of HCG in fat burning.

  • Maintain your light exercise routine

Light exercise is the activities that do not harm your weight loss. It includes yoga, meditation. Stretching, walking and jogging. You have to maintain your light exercise routine to burn the toxins in your skin. It also lowers high-stress levels and improves your skin health. Avoid healthy exercises such as weight lifting and extreme workout. This is because it will affect your muscle, skin and bone health.