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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


As you start your HCG diet, you have a goal in your mind. To lose weight and lose it fast. What if you found out that you have to gain weight before you’ll lose it? That can’t be good, right?  This is a confusing concept. It is contradicting for any HCG dieters.  However, this first step is important and there is a reason behind this. This is called the gorge days. Loading on the HCG diet is the foundation of the HCG program. Many dieters skip or do it incorrectly. These errors can hinder the HCG diet success.

The first step is to understand the protocol. The loading Phase must be done correctly. The proper loading consists of the actual food and eating capacity. This is done during the first couple days of the HCG diet. The next step is to understand the reason for the loading Phase. However, loading is not for all. Loading days are not for you to have bad habits. It takes 3 to 3 days of taking the HCG Injections to start pulling the fats. It pulls in the bloodstream to sustain energy to be used. You must stick to the 500-calorie diet a day. This is when the fat stores are ready and complete.

There is sometimes a psychological effect for some patients. Some are loading up on a collection of unhealthy, fatty foods. Some say, loading is hard and leads them to go back to old habits. But, whatever the case is, loading is important in the success of the HCG diet. Know that gorging and loading have a difference. Many dieters are excited about loading. Doing in incorrectly is a disaster and not loading at all. Take note that all that you gained will be lost before the original weight goes down. This will happen in the few days of the VLCD. But, if the gain is large, it will take longer. This will make you cut your time on the diet. The main goal is to feel the best you can while you are on the diet. The usual weight gain is 3 to 4 pounds. The outcome depends on the food that you chose. The loading does not require unhealthy fats. Examples of healthy fats are almonds, avocados, cheese, and steak. Focusing on the high fat can curb the craving. It will prevent the signs of carb withdrawal.

Loading is significant in the HCG diet. It must be done correctly. It will make the diet easier. Taking Alcohol must be stopped upon doing the HCG diet. Loading is beneficial. It will help you avoid the risk of going to the wrong style of diet.