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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Skipping a meal on the hcg diet is fine as long as the weight stays the same. However, skipping meals is discouraged to everyone. It is commonly done by college students and busy people. They skip meals without even knowing the possible consequence. It has a negative effect on health. The common effect of skipping a meal is bloating, weight gain and slow metabolism. It has also a very high risk of diabetes. This can make us feel hungrier and allows us to eat more. It does not burn calories and it lowers the energy of the body.

A meal is very important for the body to get nutrients. HCG diet promotes a healthy meal plan. Phase 2 of the HCG diet is a 500 calorie diet per day. It allows for a small amount of loading. It may seem bad but it is safe. VLCD is safe if it is done along with the HCG Injections. 5oo calorie on the HCG diet is enough to sustain the body. The HCG hormones will work in the curbing of hunger. It also distributes the nutrients over the body. HCG diet allows VLCD to help the hormones to work in the body. The meal pattern of the HCG diet is different from any other meal plan. It only allows for lunch and dinner. Your breakfast must be in a liquid form. You can have unlimited coffee, tea or water.

HCG does not allow a dieter to skip meals. It is because it will cause overheating. Overeating can cause a rapid weight gain. Each meal on the HCG diet is important to take part in the weight loss. Do not skip meals and eat more the next time. It is a very wrong concept that must be stopped. Skipping meals can cause the body to fear starvation. In the next time you load on, it will hold on the calories. It causes a storing of fat in the fat stores. It will lead to a risk of type II diabetes.

Skipping meal can lose the focus and self-control. It affects the ability to focus on certain things. Skipping meals can affect the productivity of a person. It allows stress to grow. Sometimes there is outburst, depression or anger. Another side effect of skipping meals is emotional eating. It is because you skip meals, you will desire to eat a lot in the next meal. Your body deserves better habits. Follow the HCG diet meal plan. Eat well, and eat on time.