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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Weight loss comes with a healthy and balanced diet. Through smart loading on clean foods, you can maintain both health and weight. Be careful with foods that are labeled as smart or healthy because most of them are misleading. To avoid weight gain on the HCG diet, ensure that you are eating the allowed foods for the diet program.

What are smart foods?

Smart foods are a concept of popularising certain products that claim to be good for you and the planet. The reality about this concept is that they do not focus on what the product can offer. It is all about promoting their product to induce sales. During the HCG diet, be careful with smart food claims. It only means that you cannot purchase products that claim to be sugar-free or healthy. You should know how to read food labels during the VLCD.

What are the smart foods that can ruin your HCG diet?

  • Bottled fruit juices- Fruits are one of the healthiest foods but having them processed degrades their nutritional value. So, this means that fruit drinks are not healthy and it can cause weight gain. For example, are the bottled apple and orange juice that claims to be fresh and healthy. Behind it is the process of adding flavorings, food colors, preservatives, additives, and other chemicals. Bottled fruit juices also contain loads of sugar that can eventually cause weight gain.
  • Bottled tea– Green tea and other kinds of tea are allowed during the HCG diet if it’s free from sugar. Avoid purchasing bottled tea because it has preservatives added. The bottled tea that is sold becomes a common option and replacements for soda. Not because it is a tea does not mean it is healthy. Bottled tea has the same effect as sugary drinks and sodas on your body. Opt for as natural and organic tea as possible when you are on the HCG diet.
  • Dried fruit- These are common and easy-to-grab products in the market. Dried fruits are delicious and flavorful compared to fresh fruits. The reason for this is because of the added sugar and flavorings on it. Do not eat dried fruits because it has loads of calories compared to fresh products. Aside from the large amount of sugar that is added to it, dried fruits also contain preservatives.
  • Canned vegetables- When you are on an HCG diet do not buy canned vegetables for your VLCD meal. The process of canning already added unhealthy chemicals to the vegetable. It means that canned products can harm your HCG diet. The same with dried fruits, you have to opt for freshly picked or organic varieties as possible.
  • Salad- The reason why there is no salad in the HCG diet food list is because of its effect on your weight loss. Vegetables are low in calories but regardless of how low, they are still calories. Different varieties of veggies differ in measures of calories. When you mix them in a salad bowl, you are at risk of loading large calories. The most salad also contains cream, cheese, and other fattening ingredients that ruin your HCG diet.