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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Steak day is a step in correcting weight gain or a weight loss delay. Weight gain happens when your body poorly reacts to unhealthy food choices. Steak day is done to safely and healthily bounce back to your diet track. It corrects your metabolic rate and promotes balancing of calories. This is usually done by eating nothing all day. You are only allowed to eat a large piece of lean meat steak during your dinner. You are only allowed to drink water or a sugar-free coffee or tea. Steak day is done for 2 days and wait until you get back on your last weigh-in.

The benefits of steak day during your HCG diet

  • Steaks are very rich in nutrients- One nutrient you can get from a piece of lean meat steak is a high level of protein. It is also responsible for the production of antibodies. Antibodies fight against diseases and guard your body against infection. It keeps your stomach full and increases the fat burning during the HCG diet. Large steaks have a slow-digesting protein that your body needs to burn fats.
  • It is rich in iron, zinc and other nutrients- These nutrients promote the production of hemoglobin. It will help in transporting oxygen in various parts of your body. Zinc can break down chemicals that harm your body. These chemicals are the common thing you get from common unhealthy foods. It cleanses your body from the chemicals that constantly reigning in your body. These nutrients also build and repair the tissues.
  • Steaks are rich in vitamins- Steaks are rich in vitamin A, D and even vitamin B. these are the vitamins you can commonly get from lean meat such as beef, chicken and also crab meat. It helps in strengthening your bones and your central nervous system. The high level of protein can also maintain the health of your skin during fat burning.

End weight gain through steak day on the HCG diet

  • Load on the healthy foods- Stop your indulgences of unhealthy food choices that cause you to gain weight. You cannot lose weight if you are still enjoying unhealthy food choices. Introduce whole foods in your meal and let go of the process products. You can enjoy various organic food products.
  • Stay Hydrated- Water will aid in carrying nutrients and distributes it in the parts of your body. Water cleanses your body and maintains the proper flow of blood. It also helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels and maintains healthy blood pressure.
  • You can also do light exercises– Yoga, walking, jogging or dancing are an example of light exercise. Light exercises burn extra calories from the foods you have been loading. These light exercises are safe even during the VLCD. It does not cause loss of energy but it promotes strength.

More tips to end weight gain on the HCG diet

  • Go back to your diet track and get rid of liquid calories

Correct your weight gain right away. Do not prolong its effect because it might not just cause weight loss delay. Prolonging the effect of weight gain will also trigger some weight-related diseases. There are a few steps you can do to counter the effect of weight gain on the HCG diet. You are free to do the steak day or the apple day to get back on your diet track. Get rid of the liquid calories that are commonly found in beverages. These are the calories you can gain from diet soda, sweetened drinks, fruit juices, and alcohol. Your body does not detect liquid calories as the way it detects the calories from food. It will eventually store unhealthy fats in hard to reach areas of your body.

  • Lower your portion sizes

Lowering the food portion will also lower your intake of calories. It is done by weighing or measuring your food choice before you will eat. Food portioning is the easiest step you can do to counter weight gain. It is also a safe technique in curbing cravings and hunger. Portion your food according to the requirements of the HCG diet. Stay away from portions of sugar, starch, and oil.

  • Quit late-night snacking

Eating foods during the night time or late-night snacking can cause high blood pressure. It increases your risk to diseases such as heart problems and diabetes. Your body and digestive system function best at night. However, late-night snacking can delay its function.

  • Stop skipping meals

You are not allowed to skip any meal during the HCG diet. You must eat your meal at the right amount, place and time. Skipping meals causes nutrient deficiency. It can also constantly trigger hunger and cravings. One guilt-free technique is to portion the 500 calorie intake into 5. This will make you have 5 meals each day that consist of 100 calories per serving. Eat your meal at the right place and time. This is helpful to avoid from buying non-HCG foods. Prepare and cook your meal at home to be safe from high levels of calories.

  • Administer the exact dose of HCG

The exact does of HCG resets your metabolic rate. It also uses your fat stores as the source of energy instead of having it from the foods you eat. The HCG helps in curbing your hunger which makes the VLCD a safe thing to do. You are not allowed to do the VLCD without the HCG in your system. It targets and takes off fats in the hard to reach areas in your body. The HCG also protects your muscle mass and prevents it from damaging.

  • Follow the HCG diet protocol

The HCG diet protocol will set as your guide to reach your weight loss goal. Be familiar with the protocol to avoid slips. The HCG diet protocol plays a big role in succeeding in your HCG diet. It will guide you on the things that are allowed and not during the HCG diet. It will guide you to successfully follow each step and phases of the HCG diet.