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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Stomach fats do not just affect your health but also with your physical confidence. It is harmful as it causes cardiovascular diseases and other health problems. It does not just put your health at risk but also in rapidly add up your weight. Stop all your unhealthy habits that cause rapid storing of fats in your body. You have to prepare yourself physically and mentally before stepping into the HCG diet.

Too much fat not just in the stomach is called obesity. This is a condition where there is excessive body fat. This is not just a threat to your weight but also t causes weight-related diseases. Rapid storing of fats is hard to end especially if you get used to your unhealthy weight. You have to end up the rapid storing of fats in your body to live longer.

How will stop gaining body fats before starting the HCG diet?

The best thing you can do to end weight gain is to start adopting healthy habits You have to stop what is the wrong limit of what is too much and do what is lacking. Limit the foods that exceed and stop everything that goes beyond the border of being healthy. Stopping unhealthy habits will give you a greater chance to lose weight fast. You must have a proper habit and accompany it with light exercises. Exercising is one way of teaching your body to stay active.

The cutting of calories is also helpful in dealing with stomach fats. It works along with the diet hormone in reaching your weight loss goal. Choose foods that have low-calorie content. These are commonly found in organic and freshly picked products. The purpose of loading organic foods is to cleanse your body. It will give your body a break from constantly receiving harmful food chemicals.

The HCG diet foods that can help in cutting stomach fats

  • Walnuts- This offers a wide range of health benefits and helps in staving off hunger during your weight loss maintenance. It has low calories which is will less likely cause you to gain weight. Walnuts help in dealing with unhealthy snacking and maintain regular sleep.
  • Cherries- Consumption of cherries can also lower your belly fats. It lowers your symptoms of metabolic syndrome. This will also fight against diseases that are associated with weight gain. It stops high blood pressure and high blood sugar. It helps in maintaining your weight loss even after the HCG diet.
  • Greek Yogurt- This is allowed during phase 1 or after the VLCD. Greek yogurt is an example of a low-fat yogurt that helps in maintaining a healthy weight. Greek yogurt helps in controlling body fats such as fats in your belly. This is also one of the best foods you can have after doing your light exercise.
  • White Fish- This is a significant aid against inflammation and rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The high level of omega 3 is also a good choice for weight loss. Whitefish is also a smart choice of lean protein. Protein helps in maintaining healthy bone and muscle. It keeps your stomach full until your next meal.
  • Chicken breast- This is proven to significantly help in burning belly fats. It has high levels of protein that controls your appetite and lower your possibility of grabbing snacks. You can stay healthy and has a low possibility of being attacked by cravings.
  • Green Tea and coffee- It helps in burning your belly fats by promoting metabolic functions. It also lowers your risk from anxiety or high-stress levels. Coffee and tea boost your focus and mood during the HCG diet. Make sure to have sugar-free coffee or tea during the HCG diet.

Helpful HCG diet tips in cutting down your belly fats

  • Observe proper food portioning

Portion your meal such as the meat and vegetable choices. Make sure that you eat the limited 500 calorie daily requirements. Proper food portioning will lead you away from eating too much. You will also be able to track down your weight loss. Choose small plates or dishes during the HCG diet.

  • Stay hydrated

Water can also curb hunger and cravings. Drink an adequate amount of water especially during the very low calories diet. It also carries nutrients in various parts of your body. Thus, maintains proper blood flow.

  • Administer the HCG shot

The HCG will target the fats in hard to reach areas of your body. It burns belly fats, and the fats in your butt, thigh, abdomen, and shoulder. The HCG will keep your body safe and resets your metabolic rate during the rapid fat burning.

What are the causes of weight gain during the HCG diet?

  • Failure to track your food intake- Tracking your food intake is an effective way to avoid too many calories. You have to be aware of the kind of food you are going to eat. You have to check food labels and know the ingredients. Track your food intake by being watchful of sugar, starch, and other unhealthy ingredients.
  • Lack of protein in your diet- Proteins keep your stomach full and maintain fullness until the next meal. It drastically lowers your desire for grabbing unhealthy snacks. It is good in maintaining bone and muscle health during fat burning. This is also helpful in controlling your metabolism as well as digestion.
  • Unhealthy loading of calories- Too many calories can trigger weight-related diseases. High-calorie foods do not help in maintaining a healthy body. You are only allowed to have at least 500 calories per day during the HCG diet. This is to help you transition to a healthy lifestyle. Choose whole foods for high consumption of nutrients and other health benefits of food. Stick to single-ingredient foods during the HG diet.
  • Eating to alleviate stress levels- Do not eat when you are stress because it will just cause you to eat too many unhealthy foods. Wait until your stress level will be normal so that you can focus on eating. Lowering your stress levels keeps you from emotional eating. Deal with stress by having enough time to sleep, relax or meditate.