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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The delay of weight loss can occur no matter how committed you are in the diet. This is because there are natural factors that can cause weight loss delay. The natural delay of your weight loss will be gone after a day or two. However, the delay in your weight loss because of unhealthy habits will last longer.

Monitor your weight every day so that you can track weight gain or delay. You have to keep off unhealthy foods and habits to avoid weight loss delay. Eliminate the potential causes of the weight loss delay. Stay away from an excessive amount of calories. Do not change your diet protocol and stop doing hard exercises.

How to end a weight loss delay on the HCG diet?

An apple a day is an eating routine that breaks a weight-loss stall. This involves eating at least 6 apples for the entire day. You can also incorporate drinking unsweetened tea, coffee, and water. The purpose of this step is to balance the calories and sugar in your body. Apple helps boost metabolism and proper digestion.

Do not change the diet protocol for your comfort. Follow each step of the HCG diet protocol for greater weight loss. Any changes in the diet protocol will cause a weight-loss stall. Get familiar with the diet protocol including the food list, approved exercises, seasonings, and caloric requirements.

Do not use food seasonings such as dressings, sugar and food preservatives. Food seasonings are dangerous to your weight loss. It can either cause weight gain or stall. Seasonings can also affect the work of HCG in burning your fats, curbing your hunger and in resetting your metabolism.

This is a common breaker of weight loss stall on the HCG diet. If your weight is higher than your last weigh-in, you should do a steak day. Steak day is when you eat nothing all day and serve a big steak at dinner. You can also add an apple or tomato. Choose lean beef meat for your steak meal. Make sure to have a portion that has no fats. This helps restore your normal fat metabolism. A steak day promotes a continuous weight loss.

Drinks such as fruit juices, diet soda, soft drinks, and other beverages can trigger weight gain. The ingredients in these food choices are the causes of weight loss stall. Flavored drinks are unhealthy and are widely known to be toxic. You should avoid sugar and other ingredients in any amount during your HCG diet. The only allowed flavoring is stevia. This is an herb that gives natural sweetness.