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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The HCG diet is a rapid diet protocol. It helps in weight loss as fast as it can. Fast weight loss is possible if the protocol is followed carefully. HCG diet is a onetime diet protocol. It has been helping thousand overweight and obese individual. If the first round is not a success for a beginner, you can still do another round. The second round of the HCG diet has the same rules and protocol.

The second round of the HCG diet is as effective as the first round. It has no differences. However, it is better to spend the money and effort for a one-time success. The closer you get to the weight loss goal, the tougher you will get. The weight loss in the second round will be faster. Prepare the body for the second round. Eat healthily and continue to do a healthy routine. Wait until the HCG Injections are totally out in the body. This is to avoid familiarity of the body to the hormones. It will prevent immunity of the hormones. The second round of the HCG diet is safe and healthy.

Here is the instruction of Dr. Simeons for each round;

  • Between rounds 1 and 2 you must wait at least 6 weeks
  • Between rounds 2 and 3 – at least 8 weeks
  • Rounds 3 and 4 – wait at least 12 weeks
  • Rounds 4 and 5—wait at least 20 weeks
  • Rounds 5 and 6 you have to wait at least 6 months

Waiting for each round is important. Do not skip the waiting period. There will be no further weight loss if you do not wait. This is because some of the cases, dieters develop immunity to the hormones. Start to do a healthy lifestyle while waiting for the next round. Immunity does not cause even a small amount of weight loss.

Complete each phase of the diet protocol. To avoid doing another round, follow the entire guide. Do not load on to the wrong amount and kind of foods. HCG is easy as long as there is a guide. Continue eating fruits and healthy meal choices. Stay with the protocol and follow it all by means. Avoid oil-based cosmetics as much as possible. Continue to count the calories of each meal serving. It is more effective if you will do the portion control. Load more on protein, veggies, and fruits during the break. Do not go back to the unhealthy routine.