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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The human body is sensitive in everything that you eat. How can a body survive on a very low-calorie diet? Is it okay to do it in the diet duration? How does an obese patient reduce starving? These are some questions that are raised by everyone about the VLCD on the HCG diet.

How does HCG work in VLCD?

HCG allows the body to tap in the fat deposits. These deposits are not accessible in obese patients. This is also the reason why no matter how they exercise, they still do not lose weight. HCG diet is done with VLCD to target the unreached fats in the hard to reach areas. It targets the area in the belly, hip, but and thighs. The abnormal fats are also used by the body to be a source of energy that sustains the body. The HCG hormones are the one who will release almost 4000 calories in the body. This is the reason why it is safe to do the VLCD in the HCG diet. It burns the fats that seem too hard to reach by other diet styles. HCG Injections also reprograms the brain that signals metabolism.

The benefit of the VLCD

Beside from targeting the fats it also detoxifies the body. This protocol controls the whole system of the body to function healthily. It allows for healthy foods and drinks. Everything in HCG and VLCD is healthy and safe. It clears the chemical build-up that prevents weight loss. It promotes the natural function of the brain.

Things you must do on Phase 2

  • The very Low-calorie diet- The main highlight of the HCG diet is the VLCD. This is done in the duration of Phase 2. VLCD allows 500 calories a day only. It may sound hard, but HCG makes it easier. You will not feel any hunger pain if you take the right dose of the HCG.
  • Eat when hungry- Do not eat if you are craving. Determine hungrily you can eat the HCG meal with exact calorie measure the difference between the emotional and physical hunger. If you are literally hungry make sure to eat healthy foods.
  • Weigh yourself- This is one way of tracking the weight loss. Weighing is done every morning the moment you get up. Take note of the weight gain and loses that you have. This can help you determine when to stop Phase 2.

What you must do in the VLCD?

  • Drink water or coffee and tea
  • Remove the fats in the meat before cooking
  • You can split your 500 calorie meal if you want
  • Stay away from sugar and starch
  • Do not do the mixing of fruits and veggies in one serving
  • Stay away from oil-based cosmetics