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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The first day that you start administering your HCG is also along with the first day of the loading days. This is a 2-day gorging which focuses on filling up the fat stores in your body. The HCG diet protocol for P1 allows you to eat fattening foods for 2 days. The HCG will take about 3 days to fully work in your body. It releases your abnormal fat that is deposited in various parts of your body for a long time.

The loading days are designed for you to handle the entire duration of the VLCD. Once that HCG takes place in your body, there will be less associated hunger and cravings will also be gone. Your fats stores must be filled with clean fats for your body to use it as a source of energy. Since your body uses your fats stores as your source of energy, you do not have to eat unhealthy foods. You are allowed to eat anything during the loading days but you are not allowed to eat until you get sick.

The expected work of HCG in your body

The HCG will change the sensation of hunger. This means that it controls your hunger and makes you feel full even during the VLCD. The HCG also preserves lean muscles as it continues to burn your body fats. These major works of the HCG in your body allows you to succeed the entire weight loss process. The recorded weight loss for women is 1 and a half pounds per day. For men, on the other hand, is from .75 to 1 pound per day.

The forms of HCG you can choose for your entire diet duration

You can choose from injection, pellets and HCG drops. The HCG injection is the most reliable form because you can have the exact dosing. An exact dose is important in curbing hunger and cravings however, if you feel intimidated with injections you can try the pellets or commonly known as a tablet.

Ordering and proper use of the HCG

Make sure that you get your HCG diet kits to a legit supplier. Make sure that you receive clear and enough kits for your entire weight loss duration. Avoid purchasing too much kit to save money. Before you will do the HCG shot see to it that the solution is not discolored or contaminated. Maintain cleanliness during and after using the HCG shot. Dispose the empty containers in the right place.

Can you skip the loading days of the HCG diet?

No. Skipping the loading days will make you find hard in doing the main phase of the HCG diet. You will find it hard when you do the VLCD. There will be a constant occurrence of hunger and cravings when you skip the loading days because your fat stores are not fully prepared. Do not skip the loading days or even other phases of the HCG diet. Skipping a phase will ruin entirely your weight loss process. This is because each phase is key to your weight loss goal.

Setting your weight loss goal in starting the HCG diet

  • Figure out your body weight- the ideal body weight is figured out through your body mass index. It is based on your present weight and height. Visit your doctor for physical assessment before starting your hg diet. Your doctor will help you set your weight loss goal. A physical assess met is part of starting the HCG diet clean and safe.
  • Understand the purpose of reaching your goal- You have to know the driving force why you want to lose weight. It must not be out of pressure or boredom. You have to set your goal for the purpose of achieving a healthy body. Set small goals that you can accomplish along the way
  • Be realistic about it– your weight loss goal must not be just a number. It must be based on your health and body. Set a realistic goal so that you can accomplish it slowly. It also prevents you from having too much expectation.

A sample meal plan in starting the HCG diet

  • Breakfast: you can eat sausages, bacon, cheese, creams, eggs, bread toes with butter and jams.
  • First snack: Cookies, cakes, brownies, avocado, meat and doughnut
  • Lunch: Salmon, you can also order from restaurants, steak, bacon, ham and cheese, olive, bread and cereal.
  • Second snack: pasta, chocolates, yogurt, pie, pancake and full-fat ice cream
  • Dinner: Meat barbeque, large steak, soda, deep-fried potatoes and cream, cake, full-fat cheese and cake.

Preparation tips in starting the HCG diet

#1- Load foods but do not allow it to hinder your weight loss

This means that you do not have to binge eat until you get sick or may cause other problems. Take note that you are doing the loading days not to spoil your food cravings but to prepare your fats stores. Weight gain is common during this phase but you will just drop it soon as the HCG starts to work in your body. Eat to where your limitation is but do not overdo it.

#2- Choose the foods that have high fats and calorie until you get full

High fatty foods allowed mostly are the common foods that you eat. However, if you want to start clean, you can choose the clean food choices. Foods such as avocado, almonds, cheese, eggs, coconut oil, and olive oil are healthy fat choices. You can also have cheese fatty meat and nuts.

#3- Start to lower your consumption of unhealthy foods

Foods that are high in sugar and unhealthy calorie tend to withdraw or make you uncomfortable during P2. It is better to start cutting it off on or before you will start the first phase. Eat less on doughnuts, chips, cake and cookies.

#4- Provide scales for tracking

You will need an accurate weighing scale and food scales. Each morning as you get up from the bed you have to step in your weighing scale. Record your daily weigh-ins to catch up your weight loss. This also helps you determine any fluctuations in the future. The food scale can also help you with food portioning especially with the meat choices. Make sure to weigh your foods before cooking.