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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Interruption is when you take a break on your HCG diet. This happens in cases of emergencies. A slight weight gain is expected during this time however, it can be solved right away. Interruptions on the HCG diet are not recommended to every dieter. This is only done when there are no other choices. It is important to know that interruptions are different from food cheating. This means that you are just taking a break on your diet but you are not going back to your unhealthy habits.

How will you implement interruptions on the HCG diet?

Make sure that you have enough and valid reasons to do the interruptions. Get off the HCG track safely and you can increase your calorie intake to 800 Kcal daily. Your way of eating is like phase 3 where sugar and starch are not allowed. Maintain proper food portion control and you still have to avoid the foods that have high levels of calorie.

This is only allowed when you reach on day 20 of your HCG diet. Do the VLCD in 2 days additional then you can start eating Phase 3 style. You have to be more careful during this beak because there is a big possibility that you will gain pounds. If your interruption is only for a week or two you do not need to undergo loading phase. However, if it exceeds you have to go back to the loading phase to prepare again your fat stores.

How to get back on track of the HCG diet?

  • End it as soon as possible- you must get out of being hooked by the interruption. Remember that you still have a weight loss goal to be achieved. You cannot reach it if you stay on the interruption period longer. Make sure that your body is ready to do the VLCD as soon as you get back. Start to adopt new food choices and new food portion during the HCG diet.
  • Be careful with the food labels- For you to easily get back to the track, check every food label that you eat. Do this during the interruption period. List the food and calorie label that you eat. Tracking the food label helps you a lot in preventing from unhealthy loading. This is the best way to know how much to lose in the VLCD.
  • Drink water- Drink plenty of water to help take out all the excess fats and toxins. Water can help in curbing hunger and even hunger pains. This will help you avoid eating too much during the interruptions.

Cheating during the HCG diet

Cheating is far different from interruptions. Cheating is an intentional thing because of uncontrolled food temptations. This is not allowed during the HCG diet because it raises your calorie intake. Cheating also results in major complications. There is various cause why cheating happens during the HCG diet. One of its causes is the high-stress level. High-stress level triggers the hormones in your body which causes natural weight gain.

Cheating does not just cause weight gain but also complications in your health. This is one of the common problems that you may face during the HCG diet. This can usually happen especially if you are a first-time dieter. Forgive yourself and do something right away to stop the effect of cheating. There are many ways you can do to deal with excess calories on your body. You can incorporate a few healthy habits to help in getting back on your weight loss track.

Going back to the HCG diet track after interruption and cheating

  • Avoid liquid calories

Liquid calories are the calories you constantly get from unhealthy beverages it does not possess health benefits. Liquid calories have as sugar, preservatives, food flavorings and other chemicals. The liquid calories are found in chemically processed beverages, soda, juice, etc. Coffee, water, and tea are the only allowed drinks during the HCG diet, it must be free from sugar to help in boosting your digestion. These can also help the HCG in fat metabolism.

  • You can split your 500-Calorie meal

Divide your meal and come up with 5 different meals with 100 calories each. This is an effective technique to stay full all the time without causing any weight gain. Do not worry about hunger pains because the HCG works in curbing your hunger. You will feel less hunger if you continue doing this meal portioning technique.

  • Increase your light-exercise

Light exercise can help in burning excess calories from unhealthy foods. You do not have to go to the gym or involve in intensity workout to lose weight. You just have to simply do jogging, yoga, or swimming. Light exercises are also helpful in maintaining cardiovascular health. It can also renew your focus and brain health.

  • Avoid skipping your meals

Make sure you eat the right amount and count of calories during your diet. This is because the foods that you will eat help you reach your weight loss goal. Skipping meals by not eating now will make you hungrier on your next meal. It also causes nutrient deficiency and may delay your weight loss. Skipping meals may also trigger hunger and makes you eat too much on your next meal.

  • Increase your intake of fiber

Load more on fiber to detoxify your body. The foods that are rich in fiber are fruits and vegetables. This will help in cleansing your body from unhealthy calories. Refer to the HCG food list in creating a new meal plan. Your HCG food list will help you in getting through the effect of cheating.

  • Maintain your HCG shot

Start administering your HCG shot when you finish the interruption period. You are required to do the loading days when you already have a break for 3 weeks. Maintain your HCG shot to help in curbing hunger and cravings. It works intently in burning your body fats and used it as your energy source. HCG as well as resets your metabolic rate for faster weight loss.