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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


What is stress?

Stress is your body’s reaction to any change that requires alteration or response. Your body reacts to these changes through emotional, physical and even mental responses. Stress is considered as a normal part of life. However, too much of it can affect your whole being. You can experience stress from your environment, thoughts, body and even on your family. This changes your positive life at some point.

How does stress affect your eating style during the HCG diet?

Stress affects your eating style and has a domino effect on your HCG diet. Stress can cause an eating disorder in which you might experience disruptions in eating. This will eventually affect your thoughts and emotions. The effects of eating disorders lead to weight gain. It is also one of the causes of obesity at a young age. People who are prone to a severe eating disorder are those that are prone to unhealthy stress levels.

What are the effects of stress on your body during the HCG diet?

#1- Stress Eating leads to weight gain

Each person processes stress differently and develop ways to cope. However, most of the way to comfort stress is to eat too much. This is an emotional response of your body to alleviate the effect of stress. Do not handle stress through eating when you are on the HCG diet. It is because you might gain weight or stops the work of HCG in your body.

Remember that the HCG diet limits your intake of calories. This means that you have to limit those foods that you are going to eat. Weight gain is possible even if you are taking the HCG if you eat unhealthy foods. You cannot lose weight if you continue to eat too much or eat the foods that are loaded with calories.

#2- Psychical stress can increase the psychological stress level

Physical stress is caused by overusing your energy. The physical stress usually occurs when you do physical activities such as workouts. Physical stress can develop shame over a certain situation. It can also lower your confidence and elevates your stress level. This will force you to eat as much as you want without tracking the food. Physical stress is not all about relieving physical hungry. This is already about finding comforts towards food. Thus, includes psychological comfort every time you eat.

#3- It causes various situations

The high-stress level may increase your blood pressure and may also cause dizziness. You can alleviate it through proper eating and time management. Avoid prolonging the high-stress levels during the HCG diet. This is to help you prevent the severe conditions caused by prolonged stress. Weight gain is normal when you are stressed but there are foods that will help you deal with it.

How to deal with high-stress levels during the HCG diet?

  • Break your bad habit

If you are used to eat all the time, you have to stop it. You have to follow the eating pattern of the HCG diet strictly. Look for an online guide or follow the diet protocol. Cut off your bad habits as soon or as early as you start the HCG diet. Stop eating foods with high calories, sugar, carbohydrates, and fats. These are the common foods that you will crave when your stress level is going high.

  • Renew your relationship with food

This means that you have to create a new point of view towards food and eating. Do not stick to your old habit like eating as much food as you want. You have to change your perspective on the reality of eating and its effect. Food is an aid to meet all the nutritional needs of your body. Therefore, foods cannot be a mean or aid to treat high-stress levels.

  • Take time to deal with stress

It cannot be gone right away or in a snap of your finger. Dealing with stress takes time and proper care. Seek professional health as much as possible if you can’t handle it alone. There are also easy ways to lower your stress levels. You can perform yoga or other mind-calming exercises. Tea and healthy foods can also help. You also need proper sleep. Sleeping is also important during the HCG diet, especially during the VLCD. You can also de-stress by escaping from your toxic environment and find a peaceful place to relax.

  • Track your food intake

This is the most important thing you must do during the HCG diet. Tracking your food intake will not just aid you in stopping the effect of stress but also in weight loss. Make sure that the foods that you are going to eat are in the HCG diet food list. Tracking your food intake will help in regaining your health. The healthy foods will start to work with the HCG in your body and burn the stored fats.

  • Load on healthy food choices

Eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can before starting the VLCD. Choose vegetables that are leafy green and fiber-rich. These are the first aid in dealing with stress. It lowers the hormones that cause your body to gain weight naturally. Do not rely on alcohol or unhealthy foods such as the foods that are processed. Eating a well-balanced and healthy meal helps in reaching your weight loss goal.

  • Motivate yourself on your weight loss goal

Your weight loss goal will serve as your driving force to correct what is done. It serves as a reminder that you have to do more for your weight loss. Create a realistic weight loss goal that fits on the HCG diet protocol.

Lowering your stress levels during the HCG must be constant. You have to keep a positive attitude and accept that there are things you cannot control. You may not be able to control the attack of stress but you will be fine as long as you can handle it. You can seek out social support or create new habits and interests that can benefit your HCG diet.