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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


There are many articles today about the modern way of doing the VLCD of the HCG diet. This step is created because there are dieters that get intimidated with the 500 calorie intake. You may find hard selecting which approaches are going to do. The modern and the original protocol are both recommended now by physicians. Both of these protocols generate the same weight loss during the VLCD.

The modern approach is central to the foods you eat and the total calorie intake. The modern approach is preferably for those who have tried most of the weight loss regimen but does not lose a single pound at all. It allows 700 calories per day. The food choices on this approach include those that are not in the original plan of Dr. Simeons.

Understanding the HCG diet

The basis of the HCG diet does not change. This helps in resetting your metabolism during the VLCD. The VLCD is the second phase of the HCG diet which you are required to cut down your calorie intake. The HCG diet works still the same as how it unlocks your body fats and be used by your body for survival mechanisms. This is done with the use of HCG and in conjunction with the very low-calorie diet.

The metabolism boosts and reform also works the same regardless of you are following the original or the modern way. It unlocks your body’s capability of releasing the fat reserves. It burns your fats without touching a single mass of your muscle to avoid muscle loss. Your fat reserves are effectively transformed into usable calories. That is why it just fine to have low-calorie intake during the VLCD. The HCG will find means to support your body’s energy as the fat-burning continues.

The modern VLCD VS the original VLCD

The original protocol will let you follow the 500 calories daily. This is regardless of your gender, age, BMI, height, and standing. It focuses on the basic food chemistry which promotes more on the intake of protein. This also requires you to have a definite weight loss goal to accomplish during the VLCD. Both of this protocol also encourages you to get nutrients from the organic food products. Read food labels every time before you do groceries. There are provided food lists and an eating guide for the modern and original approach of VLCD.

The modern way allows the increase in calorie intake. It also allows an increase in portion sizes and food choices. However, there is a hunger difference with the result. It may both burn your body fats the same way on how it works but the result is different. You can burn more pounds when you follow the original protocol. This is also straightforward than the modern way. However, both protocols work properly and safely in reaching your weight loss goal.

Meal flow for modern and original VLCD

Original VLCD of the HCG diet

  • Breakfast: No solid foods, only coffee, tea, or water as long as it is free from sugar. You can also have milk but 1 tablespoon only for the entire day.
  • Lunch: One of the major meals for the day. Your lunch must have 100 grams of protein, 1 vegetable serving, and a fruit. You can also add Melba toast.
  • In between meal: This is commonly known as a snack. This is less needed however you can have 1 serving of fruit for this. You can also have 1 serving of vegetables if you want.
  • Dinner: the same thing as what you have during lunch. You can have 100 grams of meat, vegetable, fruit, Grissini, or Melba toast. Make sure that you not mixing vegetables in one meal to avoid excessive intake of calories.

Modern VLCD of the HCG diet

  • You can already eat solid food along with your cup of coffee. You can have at least 15 to 20 grams of lean meat.
  • You can also enjoy having lean protein before going to bed. You can also have more vegetable choices than what you can have on the original protocol.
  • Combine your protein lunch with vegetables. However, you cannot exceed 30g of vegetables per day.
  • The lean protein choices are veal, tofu, crab, and shrimp. You can also have turkey meat, pork loin, Salmon, tuna, chicken breast, and whitefish.
  • Take note that the modern protocol does not include any fruit for your meal. You are still not allowed to have sugar or any form o\f unhealthy sweeteners.
  • For your drinks, you can still have coffee or herbal coffee, tea, and low-calorie drinks. This means that you can drink the dietary protein shakes that have a zero-calorie label.

Is exercise allowed during the modern VLCD?

Yes. It is the same way as the original protocol. However, on the original protocol, it is just fine even without including exercise. However, on the modern protocol, you must at least have a light exercise routine. You can exercise from 20 to 30 minutes per day to be able for your cardiovascular health. Exercising on the original protocol of VLCD can help you improve your metabolic rate.

Are you allowed to do the modern and original VLCD protocol at once?

No. Before starting the HCG diet, you have to determine which protocol you are going to follow. The original protocol is effective and commonly used by many dieters because of the fast outcome. The modern method will take up to 8 weeks compared to the original which is only for 3 to 6 weeks. You will also be having the same dose of HCG at the same time each day for a modern and original approach.

Both of these protocols can fix your weight loss problems. You can lose weight safely through the natural method. These can both work on dealing with weight-related diseases. The modern approach may take longer than the original but it is also effective in treating obesity and weight gain. Make sure that you are not cheating with your food because it affects your weight loss regardless of what approach you are following.