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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Enjoying life to the fullest is a good idea. However, if it affects your weight and health you must control it. Your body’s activity tends to be affected when you are gaining weight. Your unhealthy lifestyle negatively impacts your ability to lose weight. It will be difficult for you to lose weight when you have no support system around you. What are these support systems? An example of it is the HCG diet food list and the HCG diet protocol.

Experiencing a weight-loss stall is normal during the HCG diet. It happens no matter how committed you are on your weight loss. Several reasons happen naturally and cause weight loss stall. The weight-loss stall that is caused by natural reasons will just be gone right away. However, you must know how to deal with and end the weight loss stall. This is to help you in reaching your weight loss goal fast.

The three types of weight loss plateau

#1weight loss plateau caused by hunger

This is the gradual often unconscious increase in consumption of calories. You consume too many calories because you respond to hunger. This is often caused by emotional hunger that drives you to eat unhealthy foods. You have to be careful in dealing with hunger. This is because not all hunger pain is real. Some of it is just a product of emotions and stress. Prepare healthy food choices that are ready to eat. Have something to grab and eat right away if you get physical hunger in between meals. Avoid buying foods outside or ruin any other snack house. It is because the foods outside may not help you reach your weight loss goal.

#2 weight loss plateau caused by metabolism

This kind of weight loss plateau is a slowdown in energy outflow. This happens naturally during the HCG diet. However, your brain will naturally send a signal to improve metabolic rate. Administer the right dose of HCG to avoid the slowing of metabolic rate. The HCG works in the regions of your brain that sends signals to improve metabolism. Without the HCG, your weight loss goal is impossible to reach. Administer your HCG shot at the same time each day to improve metabolic rate and fat burning.

#3 the false weight loss plateau

This is when despite the continuous weight loss the scale holds steady. The common cause of this is water retention or gaining muscle. You do not have to worry during this case because it will be gone by following the protocol. Water retention is very common, especially for women. This is a natural response of your body especially if you are having menstruation. This might lead you to an elevated stress level. You have to stay hydrated so that the water will help in eliminating the water weights.

What are the possible steps to end the weight loss plateau during the HCG diet?

  • Do not panic

Do not stress about the sudden weight loss. This is because you do not have to restart your diet. There are better ways to deal with weight loss plateau during the HCG diet. Your weight fluctuates with the foods that you eat. Panicking will just elevate your stress levels. High-stress levels will cause you to gain weight naturally. The main thing you can do id to track your food intake especially on calories.

  • Pay attention to what you eat

Tracking the foods that you eat is important when you lose weight. Tracking your food intake helps you to be constant with the diet. Pay close attention to the foods that you purchase. Make sure that it has single-ingredient. Read each food labels so that you can avoid the foods that can cause weight loss stall. Paying attention to what you eat helps in reversing or curbing future weight gain.

  • Load more on protein

Protein is one of the most important nutrients that are needed for weight loss. Protein helps in raising your metabolic rate for faster weight loss. Protein helps in burning calories and increases the nutritional value of your meal. It also mediates your body’s appetite-regulating hormones that lower snacking or eating foods. Protein as well promotes the feeling of fullness. You can get proteins from plant-based and animal-based sources such as lean meat.

  • Avoid too many calories

Stay away from foods that have high calories. These are common foods that contain more than one ingredient. HCG diet is all about counting your intake of calories. Do not eat or purchase the food that undergoes the chemical process. Refer to the HCG diet food list for more food options. As much as possible you have to portion and calculate the number of calories you will be eating each day. Choose the food choices that are organic or freshly picked such as vegetables and fruits.

  • Avoid poor food choices

Eat healthy food choices such as the organically plated and raised. This is important for the biological activity in your body. Healthy food choices are more filling. Healthy food choices help in regulating your appetite and avoid snacking. The poor food choices that cause weight loss plateau are junk foods, soda, and processed products. Choose the foods that are high in fiber, minerals, and vitamins to reach your weight loss goal.

  • Avoid heavy activities

Exercise is good if it is light and relaxing. However, it does not help you lose weight when you are not tired or hungry. Heavy exercise can cause you to gain weight. This is because it can cause your stress level to elevate. The elevated levels of stress can trigger hormones in your body that can cause weight loss stall. You are only allowed to do light exercise such as yoga, walking, jogging or swimming during the HCG diet. Heavy activities can affect your bone and muscle health.

  • Apple day and steak day can also help

These are the common weight loss plateau breaker on the HCG diet. These are plate breakers that get your back on your diet track. It can also promote in balancing the calories in your body. Thus, leads you to reach your weight loss goal fast.