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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


You have to get through phase 1 of the diet before stepping on the VLCD. The VLCD is the heart of the HCG diet. To successfully do phase 1, you must know the things needed for it. You must be familiar with all the steps and process of loading. Always bring with you the HCG phase 1 food list. The loading phase allows you to consume fats and high-calorie foods. This will allow the body to store fats that will be used in the VLCD. The excess fats that are gained in the loading days will slowly eliminate in phase 2. There are many foods that will be cut down or eliminated during the VLCD. The main kind of foods that you must stop from eating is sugars and carbs.

The right foods for the loading days are those that are high in fats and calories. This mainly includes healthy fats. Some of the sources of healthy fats are avocado, cream, eggs, almonds and etc. Choose to have red meats such as steaks. Load more on healthy fats rather than having fries or burgers. Healthy fat will work in the body without harming health. Choose the foods that are considered as “dense”. The food that you are going to eat on the loading phase depends on your appetite. This only means that you have to eat until you get full. Do not think or cutting down the food portions in this part. This is the part of the hcg diet that you are allowed to eat whatever you want in any amount. However, you cannot eat foods until you get sick.

A lot of people do not eat a lot of food in one meal time. This is fine in the part of phase 1. You can still eat in restaurants and choose a high-calorie meal. Each hcg dieter must have the exact amount of fiber regardless of what phase of the hcg diet. Adding fiber in the meal will help in dealing with digestive difficulties. The fiber will help in maintaining a good condition of digestive health. The fat loading is allowed for two days as part of the process of weight loss.

The body relies on the fat reserves during the VLCD. That is why it is very important to have enough fat stored in the body. This will prevent you from feeling deprived during the VLCD.