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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The HCG diet can help you lose weight when you follow thoroughly the protocol. However, there is a more challenging battle after the HCG diet. Bad eating habits can have such a major impact on your weight. The HCG diet requires a lifestyle change. You have to correct every bad habit that you have. The impact of bad habits is frustrating. However, the HCG diet is ready to help you deal with bad habits and its effect.

You can break your unhealthy habits in several ways to reach your weight loss goal. You can change your unhealthy habits without spending too much money. The protocol of the HCG diet can help you start your weight loss. There are various habits you must stop doing to lose weight on the HCG diet. The HCG protocol as well can help you in dealing with your unhealthy habits.

Common bad habits that stop you on your HCG diet

  • Eating at night

Nigh time is the time of your body to rest. Do not eat too much at night because it can cause a lower rate of metabolism. It can also make you gain weight because the calories will not be burned. You are only allowed to have one fruit if you are hungry at night. Make sure to control your intake of calories even after the VLCD. If you’re hungry at night try drinking a glass of water. This can help you stave off hunger and food cravings.

  • Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep allows compensates for the lack of energy by eating more. Sleeping is important especially during the HCG diet. It will renew your body, mind, energy and push you through the day. Lack of sleep is one of the reasons why your stress level is high. It affects your body and will constantly cause cravings and intense hunger. Failure to have a complete sleep will cause a rapid weight gain. Sleep definitely has a role in maintaining a healthy weight.

  • Exercising without eating

If you exercise in a hungry stomach, there is a possibility that you will gain weight. This is because exercise consumes energy and if you are hungry it will make you weak. Weakness will cause you to eat too much food at the next meal. Make sure that your exercise routine is healthy and reasonable during the HCG diet. You cannot just exercise when you are tired or hungry because it can elevate stress levels. Do not exercise on an empty stomach because your body will burn muscle along with fat. You are also prone to fatigue.

  • Eating large portions

Food portioning is required during the HCG diet. You are required to have dishes that help in portioning foods.  A food scale is also an important weight loss partner. You have to portion your food choices to make sure that your calories are balanced. Using smaller dishes for meals is one way to reduce your portions. Be aware of the daily intake of calories.  Make sure to stick to the caloric requirement during the HCG diet and VLCD. Try to practice food portioning upon starting the HCG diet. This will help you get through the VLCD without complications.

  • Snacking on the wrong foods

The common options for healthy snacks during the HCG diet are fruits. Unhealthy snacks such as junk foods are the easy-to-grab snacks when you get hungry. These are the foods that you can easily have but causes various side effects on your body. HCG diet will help you be a responsible eater. It can help you be effective especially on snacking. You can have various healthy snacks on the food list of the HCG diet. Avoid cookies, pastries, junk foods, and other processed foods. Here are some healthy snack options for the HCG diet:

  1. Apples and oranges – One of the best snacks you can have is an apple. It has too much fiber and it is very low in calories. Apples are also good for your brain health. It also has antioxidants that are shown to lower inflammation. Orange is rich in vitamin C. It can also help in food metabolism.
  2. Cabbage- Cabbage is rich in fiber and it is very filling. It can also help normalize your blood pressure and sugar levels. It has compounds that increase the production of insulin. It is also packed with vitamin C and K.
  3. Cauliflower- This can also improve your brain health, especially in your cognitive function. Cauliflower helps in supporting your digestion during the very low-calorie diet.
  4. Almonds- This is an excellent snack that is packed with minerals and vitamins. This is also packed with protein and fats. Almonds have a large amount of fiber in each serving. It can also lower your risk of developing diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Tips to stop weight gain caused by your bad habits

#1- Follow the diet protocol

Follow each step of the HCG diet protocol for greater weight loss. Any changes in the diet protocol will cause a weight-loss stall. Administer your HCG shot at the same time each day. Get familiar with the diet protocol including the food list, approved exercises, and caloric requirements

#2- Do a “Steak day”

Steak day is the breaker of weight loss stall on the HCG diet. If your weight is higher than your last weigh-in, you should do a steak day. Steak day is when you eat nothing all day and serve a big steak at dinner.

#3- Break out the habit that causes stress

Stress eventually triggers the body to gain weight naturally. In some cases, stress can cause stress eating which is not applicable to the VLCD. You can deal with stress by sleeping or having time to relax and meditate.

#4- Renew your weight loss goal

Set your weight loss goal as your motivation. Train yourself to get used to the eating style on the HCG diet. The motives will help in avoiding foods that cause weight gain.

#5- Stay hydrated

Water can help in keeping the fullness of the stomach. Thus, helps in dealing with hunger and cravings.  There are various benefits we can get on the water especially on the weight loss process.