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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?

Things that can help you track your weight loss on the HCG diet

Losing weight does not stop on gym sessions or cutting your food intake. When you are on a diet, ensure that you focus on your goal. Wherever you go, put in your mind that you are following a regimen. Take note of the things that you need to track your progress. It is essential when you are taking your HCG injections.

Tracking your weight loss is essential in holding a record of your results. Keeping a record of your diet gives you insight into the foods you eat. It also helps in having accurate information. Tracking allows you to see what are the things you are missing on your diet.

Things you need in monitoring weight loss during the HCG diet

  1. Water. It is essential in body processes, digestion, and cleansing. Drinking an adequate amount of water help in staving off hunger. It also controls your intake of calories per day. Water lowers the feeling of craving as it improves fullness. Drinking water results in eating less during the VLCD.
  2. Go-to-snack. An easy-to-grab meal is vital when you are a busy person. Prepare a healthy snack to eat when you feel hungry in the middle of a meeting. It prevents you from buying foods in restaurants. Make your foods at home to ensure you get the proper amount of calories.b It can be a whole fruit or a bowl of vegetables.
  3. Food and water tracker. Track your food intake any place you go. Pack your meals in small wares. Ensure to eat proper serving size of protein, fruits, and vegetables. Read the food list to have a basis on the foods that you can eat. The water tracker will keep your focus on your hydration. Water is essential in taking off toxins out of your body.
  4. Food scale. It helps in getting the proper calories you eat per meal. Using a food scale monitors your food sizes during the VLCD. It also gives you the accurate serving size information you need. A food scale is essential in weighing the lean meats before cooking.
  5. Handy exercise tools. You cannot do intense activities as heavy workouts are not permissible on the HCG diet. Incorporate some light activities at home with your handy items. It can be a skipping rope or a yoga mat. The HCG diet also permits dumbells. There are home exercises you can perform. Ensure that you are not tired or hungry when you work out.

Prepare the following for exercise:

  • Extra clothes to wear after shedding sweats
  • Rubber shoes for better movements
  • Towels
  • Chair (For chair dips)
  • A space for yoga and stretching
  • Timer (avoid overdoing exercise)
  • Water

Take your HCG injections before doing light activities. Take the dose at the same time each day. Drink lots of water after a walk to stay hydrated.

Weigh every day and record your progress in a journal. Tracking your daily routine gives you an idea in case of a sudden weight gain. Avoid food temptations from sugar and carbs. They are the pitfalls of your weight loss.