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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Your biggest rival in losing weight is your bad habits. Losing weight needs more attention than the habits you have. Before starting your HCG diet, make sure you have stopped doing those habits. Be careful with the things you do because any slip may cause disaster in the weight loss process. Assess everything before you go to sleep to check if you do anything that is not based on the guidelines.

What are the things that may ruin your HCG diet?

  • The non-HCG safe items– Watch out with your lotions, lipstick and other beauty products. Do not use cosmetics products that have an oil or gel. Most of the cosmetics products are made from animal fats that may stop the weight loss. Do not worry about maintaining the glow of your skin because the HCG diet can help in skin health and in maintaining the glow.
  • CheatingFast eating or cheating is an attitude of a crazy diet. Cheating will cause weight gain. It will rob your weight loss goal and will sometimes take you longer to get back on track. Stay away from cheating especially if you are on your HCG phase 2.
  • Not having the proper food portion control– This is sometimes called non-intentional cheating. It is because you do not have any idea of the portion of the food you have loaded. Improper food portioning can also cause you to gain weight. There are guides in the HCG diet protocol for proper food control, portioning, and food list. It will help you with your meal preparation.
  • Drinking calories– Proper loading of foods and drinks on your HCG diet does not allow too many calories. Phase 2 only allows you to have 500 calories a day. You have to cut off with your intake of calories through the flavoured drinks you have been enjoying. The HCG hormones cannot work in your body if you are loading too many calories. You must avoid drinking juices, sodas, sweetened drinks, and other beverages. HCG diet only allows you to have water, unsweetened tea, and coffee.

Weigh every morning to track your weight loss. You must include weighing as part of your morning routine. Always see to it that you do not get out of your house without the shot of your HCG injections. The HCG hormone will always fix your weight and helps the body in curbing hunger. Avoid those things that can ruin your weight loss. Follow each step of your HCG weight loss protocol for greater success.