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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


A weight-loss stall happens when you temporarily stop losing weight. It’s an indication that the calorie you are eating is the same as what you are burning through. A weight-loss stall occurs naturally on Phase 2 of the HCG diet. This only means that you have to lower your intake of calories to continue weight loss.

The common triggers of weight loss stall during the HCG diet

Trigger #1 – Eating poor food choices

Poor food choices can cause weight loss stalls and weight gain. Choose healthy and nutrient-rich foods for your HCG diet. Healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables can improve the feeling of fullness. It also has a single-ingredient that can stop weight loss stalls.

Trigger #2- Not having enough protein

The most important nutrients for weight loss is protein. Protein can raise your metabolism and burns 100 additional calories a day. It mediates your appetite as the diet hormone is working in burning your body fats.

Trigger #3- You are not paying attention to what you eat

When you are on VLCD, it is important to keep track of the foods that you eat. You have to pay attention to what you are eating. Track the amount of food you are eating every meal. Tracking your intake helps maintain consistency throughout your diet.

Trigger #4- Menstruations

During menstruation, your weight tends to fluctuate. This is caused by the hormonal activities in your body. The fluctuation of your weight leads to weight loss stalls. This case is just normal and will just be gone after your period. Stop your HCG shot for the meantime but continue your VLCD. Get back to your HCG shots as soon as your period is over.

Things you must stop to avoid weight loss stall on HCG diet

  • Stop loading on carbs- High carb foods can cause water retention. It can spikes up your blood sugar. Carbs are not allowed during the VLCD of the HCG diet. Avoid eating bread, pasta, rice, cakes, cookies, cereal, etc. 
  • Stop high-intensity workouts- You only have limited energy supply during the VLCD. Do not use your energy in doing a high-intensity workout. This is because it will stop you from losing weight.
  • Stop eating processed meats– Ham sausage, hotdogs, pepperoni, and beef jerky are examples of processed meats. Processed meats contain complex ingredients that can interfere with the work of HCG. The processed meats also contain a high level of salt, sugar, oils, and other preservatives.
  • Do not eat canned vegetables or dried fruits- The allowed foods during the VLCD are the organic products and whole foods. Canned fruits have added sugar which can stop you from losing weight. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables for your HCG diet to avoid weight loss stalls.

Does stress lead to weight loss stalls on HCG diet Phase 2?

Stress is emotional and physical tension. It makes you feel angry, sad, frustrated, or nervous. When stress spikes up, you are usually seeking for comfort foods. Eating too much on comfort foods can cause weight loss stalls. Manage stress with other coping techniques that do not include eating.